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Which means the partial page refresh is because of the facelets ui:include and not panel stack right?
If it is just url remain but the whole page will be refresh, then what is the purpose to just remain the url?

Ok, so first off, you do not want to use the redirect tag in your navigation rule.

I have tried this method, even the url is still remain the same but the whole page will be refreshed also. So how?

Second method
How to change content via a dynamic ui:include for the content?
DOM update console (control-shift-t)  

Is it in IE?
Is it lazy loading for the panelGroup in side panelStack ? The following is from icefaces' sample compenent?
 <ice:panelStack >
        <ice:panelGroup id="splashComponentsPanel" styleClass="contentIncludePanelGroup" >
                         <f:subview id="scSub" >
                             <!-- Components Splash include -->
                             <jsp:directive.include file="./inc/content/splashComponents.jspx" />
Ya, you are correct now. Just the content to be refresh. Thus, how to do that with and without navigation rule?
1)Do you have any example which will use jsf navigation rule to do partial page render?

2)it maybe base on div tag id so how to manually tell the icefaces to use login.xhtml to replace to <div id=loginSpace />

It is a full AJAX solution, with no need to define update relationships. You shouldn't have to do anything to make this work.

How the icefaces know that the html from server is used to replace the banner or the content? IF "You shouldn't have to do anything to make this work".
With the partialSubmit attribure and the redirect in navigation rule, It will change the whole page. I just want partial page render. Just the content will be refreshed. How to do that?

MENU | Content

There will be content 1 - 7 in the following format.
    <ui:decorate template="/pages/templatesWithBannerNMenu.xhtml">
         <ui:define name="content">
 ........    content 1
Actually what i found icefaces is not fully jsf ajax. It is because it do not support page ajax refreshing. Which means when i click the menubar, the content of facelet will change and not whole page. Anyone know how to do that?
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