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Can u tel me what u expect I a testcase. Do u want only the test steps, or u want me also to upload a sample project which you canuse to simulate
Thanks for your response. Yes the partial response is different in IE10 and Firefox. I captured it from the Developer tools. Point to note is that there is no problem if i change browser mode in IE10 to "IE 10 Compatibility View" or Older versions of IE.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 -<update id="javax.faces.ViewState">
 <extension aceCallbackParam="validationFailed">{"validationFailed":false}
 -------firefox 26 --------
 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
 <update id="form:cal_input"><![CDATA[<input aria-invalid="true" aria-required="true" class="ui-inputfield ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-state-required ui-state-error" id="form:cal_input" name="form:cal_input" readonly="readonly" role="textbox" size="7" type="text" />]]>
 <update id="form:dateoftran_input"><![CDATA[<input aria-invalid="true" aria-required="true" class="ui-inputfield ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-state-required ui-state-error" id="form:dateoftran_input" name="form:dateoftran_input" readonly="readonly" role="textbox" size="10" type="text" />]]></update>
 <update id="form_fixviewstate"><![CDATA[<span id="form_fixviewstate"><script type="text/javascript">ice.fixViewState('form', '5418711552146948613:4541678015922354401');//5874795496377019995</script></span>]]></update>
 <update id="v5uawq38-retrieve-update_fixviewstate"><![CDATA[<span id="v5uawq38-retrieve-update_fixviewstate"><script type="text/javascript">ice.fixViewState('v5uawq38-retrieve-update', '5418711552146948613:4541678015922354401');//914868409796527783</script></span>]]></update>
 <update id="v5uawq38-single-submit_fixviewstate"><![CDATA[<span id="v5uawq38-single-submit_fixviewstate"><script type="text/javascript">ice.fixViewState('v5uawq38-single-submit', '5418711552146948613:4541678015922354401');//-7804241196402247469</script></span>]]></update>
 <update id="javax.faces.ViewState"><![CDATA[5418711552146948613:4541678015922354401]]></update>
 <extension aceCallbackParam="validationFailed">{"validationFailed":true}
can anyone please help.
Hi, iam using icefaces ace 3.2. I have a form which has validtions, which fire properly in IE 9 and below, it also works in firefox n other browsers also, meaning the vaidation messages show up properly in form. But after i upgraded my IE to ver 10, whenever my validation fails , I see n xml for partial response outputed to browser with xml tags. and below is what i see in the browser.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<partial-response>-<changes>-<update id="javax.faces.ViewState">
</eval></changes><extension aceCallbackParam="validationFailed">{"validationFailed":false}</extension></partial-response>

How can I fix this for IE10
Can any one from icesoft reply ? is my question making sense ?
Can anyone help ?
I upgraded my application from 3.2 to 3.3.

When i try to use the below tag by referring to the online showcase. it give me server error message. After checking i found that the tld of 3.3 has themeSelect as a tag which is a proof of it being 3.3, but it does not have the attribute "initEffect" for the messages tag.

<ace:messages id="allMsgs" initEffect="highlight"/>

Any clue what is the issue ?
I am using icefaces 3.2. I have an <ace:submitMonitor> set up which works fine as a result freezes my screen while any activity is going on. this is fine. But when i click on any action, and if my session had expired, i dont see any message. ONly the screen is freezed coz of submit monitor.

What is want is the submit monitor should work only if the session is valid, if the session is Invalid, then it should show a session expiry message.

-- When i tried disabling the submit monitor, i get popup messages for session expiry but the message is instead saying "Network connection Interrupted"
Can anyone please help ?
I am using icefaces 3.2.

I have an ace:submitMonitor in my page. The default css of this submit monitor shows a small box in the center with a loading gif running. But it also shows a background image which i have in my css overridden for

background:url(/STRApp/resources/images/main_h1_background.png?ln=icefaces.ace) #eeeeee repeat-x ;


Why is my submitmonitor using the background image set in ui-widget-header.
Below is my submitmonitor code.
                                        <ace:submitMonitor blockUI="@all"  
                                             idleLabel="System Idle."
                                             networkErrorLabel="Network Error. Contact fisupport@cbb.gov.bh"
                                             serverErrorLabel="Server Error. Contact fisupport@cbb.gov.bh"
                                             sessionExpiredLabel="Session Expired. Please Re-Login in CBBCLICK"
The solution is to refer to the components submittedValue in teh validator method and throw ValidatorException .
I am using icefaces 3.2.

My problem is i am having few input components which has required attribute=true, so when i click on command button , it properly shows validation message.

                     <ace:textEntry id="custName3" value="#{strformbean.customer3.custName}" size="20" required="false" label="Customer Name"
                        rendered="#{strformbean.accountInfoSubtype == 'JOINTACC' and (strformbean.accountInfo == 'ACCHOLD')}"  maxlength="50"
                        styleClass="requiredField" />
                 <!-- CUSTOMER DATAOFBIRTH-->
                     <ace:dateTimeEntry id="cal3"  value="#{strformbean.customer3.custDob}"  timeZone="Canada/Mountain" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"
                                    renderAsPopup="true" navigator="true" styleClass="requiredField" maxdate="#{strformbean.date}"  readOnlyInputText="true"
                                    rendered="#{strformbean.accountInfoSubtype == 'JOINTACC' and (strformbean.accountInfo == 'ACCHOLD')}"
                                    size="7"  label="DOB (3rd Row)" immediate="true"
                                    validator="#{strformbean.validateDOB3}" >
                                    <f:convertDateTime  dateStyle="medium" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"/>                    
                                    <!--<f:validator validatorId="RequiredDate" />-->
                     <h:commandButton id="submitM" type="submit" value="SAVE" action="#{strformbean.getViewId}" actionListener="#{strformbean.saveSTR}"
                        styleClass="submitButton" rendered="#{usersession.hasDeputeeRole or usersession.hasMlroRole or usersession.hasIntranetRole}" 

But i also have some input components which i am validating by throwing a ValidatorException from my bean e.g if the value is null then throw it. Problem is when i click my commandbutton, only the validation message raised coz of the required=true attribute set are shown but not the required messages raised from teh validator method. If i leave all the input components blank and press the commandbutton, then i want all the required messages from the required=true attribute along with the required messages from the validator method to be shown together.

If is enter values in the required=true comp and leave the comp which has validator method, then only i am getting the required messages raised from teh validator.

Please help me.
I was using icefaces 3.2 with weblogic and everything was working fine, until i upgraded my icefaces library to 3.3. Since then i am unable to deploy my WAR file in weblogic as it gives the below error.

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: SKIP_ITERATION

By little bit of googling i read that it is a compatibility issue with mojarra or myfaces , so i copied mojarra/javax.faces.jar into my WEB-INF/lib directory and then did a build.

I then got a different error saying
java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index 18: file:/C:/Documents and Settings/mis_zrb.BMALAN.DOM/Application Data/JDeveloper/system11.

where can i find component showcase examples for icefaces 3.3 ace components

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