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I mean the layout.
showing different icefaces content by clicking the menu on the left.
Is it Icefaces+facelet template?

Is there any blank sample available?
here is my environment
Windows server 2003 R2
I have done some performance tune following this page
Icefaces standard 1.7
Netbeans without Plugin-SDK

I deploy three different icefaces portlet on the same page.
After some trial, I figure out that Firefox will instantly have session expired after all UI components are loaded.
For IE 6.0.2900.2180 everything seems working.
IMHO, isn't it some javascript function that keep the session alive works in IE but not FX?
I have encounter this problem a month ago...
but maybe nobody understand my question.
It is a nice workaround.
Since icefaces have a upload component, is it possible to have a download component too?
it works!! you are a life saver Timbo!
I have read the TLD and have no idea what immediate does.
I understand now, thank you!
It is more stable on 1.7
but if you play with those portlets a bit.
the session problem eventually occur.
That is, not fixed.
I have a portlet that its fields have validator.
When I click submit, it works fine.
but I have a [cancel] button there to go back to the previous page (by changing panel stack id).
when I click it, all validators do there validation and [cancel] button action cannot go back.
How do I make the [cancel] button bypass those validators and also preserve the [submit] button validations?
my god, that means I didn't do anything wrong?
that means I have to wait for a fix?
I guess I have to make custom validations everywhere...
faces-config.xml fragment

my message bundle
 javax.faces.component.UIInput.REQUIRED=This field is required
 javax.faces.validator.NOT_IN_RANGE=Value must be between 0~2147483647
 javax.faces.validator.DoubleRangeValidator.MAXIMUM=Value must be between 0~2147483647
 javax.faces.validator.LongRangeValidator.MAXIMUM=Value must be between 0~2147483647
 javax.faces.validator.DoubleRangeValidator.MINIMUM=Value must be between 0~2147483647
 javax.faces.validator.LongRangeValidator.MINIMUM=Value must be between 0~2147483647

.jspx fragment
 <ice:inputText id="eventNameTxt" disabled="#{EventBean.eventNameTxt}" value="#{EventBean.selectedEvent.name}" required="true"/>
                                 <ice:message for="eventNameTxt"/>
 <ice:inputText id="capacityTxt" disabled="#{EventBean.capacityTxt}" value="#{EventBean.selectedEvent.capacity}">
                                     <f:validateLongRange maximum="2147483647" minimum="0"/>
                                 <ice:message for="capacityTxt"/>

The first one works, message is shown as what I customize.
The second won't work, just show the default message.
_ManageEvent_WAR_EMS42ManageEvent_INSTANCE_j8ki_:EventForm:capacityTxt: '-' must be a number between -2147483648 and 2147483647 Example: 9346

What did I do wrong?

I need only simple message with different severity.
my implementation is now save the messages in a .properties file.
and then link to it through faces-config.xml.
but all the message severity will be FATAL.
I don't want to add excessive code the manage those messages just because the setting of severity.
Is there anyway to achieve this? Or will icefaces consider to add this feature to ice:message?
thx jakab,

this seems to work now, I will test it a little more.
btw, where can I get more about these kind of mechanism insight information?
liferay + icefaces 1.7 still have this problem...
I really would like to bind my component to my backing bean...
what is the setting of your concurrentDOMView?
I think we maybe encounter the same problem
fragment of backing bean
     public void clickEventCb(ValueChangeEvent event){
     public void clearAllCheckBox(){
         Event oEvent;
         Iterator eventItrt = this.getEventList().iterator();
             oEvent = (Event) eventItrt.next();
             if(oEvent.getID() == this.attendControl.getEventId()){

             <ice:outputStyle href="/xmlhttp/css/xp/rime-portlet.css"/>
             <ice:outputStyle href="/resources/css/custom.css"/>
             <ice:outputText id="returnStatus" visible="#{verify.returnStatusTxt}" value="#{verify.returnStatus}"/>
             <ice:dataTable id="eventTable" value="#{verify.eventList}" var="event" border="1">
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value=""/>
                     <ice:selectBooleanCheckbox partialSubmit="true" valueChangeListener="#{verify.clickEventCb}" value="#{event.selected}" rendered="true"/>
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value="ID"/>
                     <ice:outputText value="#{event.ID}"/>
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value="Name"/>
                     <ice:outputText value="#{event.name}"/>
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value="Description"/>
                     <ice:outputText value="#{event.description}"/>
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value="State"/>
                     <ice:outputText value="#{event.state}"/>
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value="Capacity"/>
                     <ice:outputText value="#{event.capacity}"/>
                     <f:facet name="header">
                         <ice:outputText value="Type"/>
                     <ice:outputText value="#{event.type}"/>
             <ice:commandButton value="clear!!" action="#{verify.clearAllCheckBox}"/>
I discover one more problem about this setting.
If I set it to false, then I login to liferay, view my icefaces portlet,
logout, login again, view my icefaces portlet.
Liferay will throw this exception: see attachment

but if I set concurrentDOMViews to true, liferay won't throw any exception.

Is there anyway I can set it to false preserving my binding ability but at the same time don't have those problems this setting causes?
I have the same problem!
backing bean value have changed but UI won't change if those value is changed by valueChangeListener.
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