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There was mention that a release is going to be made in October. Can I ask if the event for node expand/collapse is going to be included? If so, then I don't have to put so much effort into designing an elegant workaround using the isExpanded() method.
Hi, I need help again. I'm stumped on the drag-and-drop for trees.

In short, I've set up my tree where the nodes are draggable and clickable. The click (using the actionListener) works fine. The dragging though, does not appear to generate the proper events.

The methods registered with the dragListener and the dropListener seems to be inconsequential, as no errors are ever thrown regardless of whether the method exists or not.

On a previous testing, I did manage to get the tree drop to work, but was unable to find any significant difference. This tree was originally built as a custom component using Facelets. But the problem remains despite stripping away all the other stuffs.

Also, by using a Javascript debugger, I'm getting the following error message each time I try to drop:

"Ice.Dnd.logger.error is not a function"
- ice-extras.js (line 4271)
- ice-extras.js (line 4271)
- ice-extras.js (line 4466)
- ice-extras.js (line 2425)
- icefaces-d2d.js (line 1)

Would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

The attached zip file contains some of my stripped-down classes and the following is a snippet of the tree:

<ice:tree id="classificationTree" value="#{clsfTreeBean.tree.model}" var="node" imageDir="/webconf/xmlhttp/css/royale/css-images/"
hideRootNode="true" hideNavigation="false">
<f:facet name="icon">
<h:graphicImage value="#{node.userObject.icon}" />
<f:facet name="content">
<ice:panelGroup style="display: inline"
<h:commandLink actionListener="#{node.userObject.nodeClicked}"
styleClass="#{node.userObject.contentStyleClass}" />
Hi, regarding the icons used by tree nodes, I understand that it automatically decides which icon to use based on the state of the node (leaf, branch open, branch closed).

My question is whether it is possible to specifically force a particular state? Currently I have tree nodes with child nodes that are preferably loaded lazily. As such, that node should use a branch icon instead of a leaf icon and also display the expandable icon.

Any advice on the best approach to this? I'm currently thinking of a placeholder child node to show the proper icons and then dynamically replace the placeholder with the actual nodes when the parent node is expanded.
Did you define your nodeClicked() method like this "void nodeClicked(ActionEvent avt)"?

Posting stack traces will help.
I'm not 100% sure but I believe the onmouseovereffect attribute is not the onmouseover attribute you were probably thinking of. This one is supposed to trigger an Effect object I believe, and not javascript.
Regarding the hover_start and hover_end events... am I supposed to catch it with the dragListener or the dropListener?

I'm confused as to their differences and how they interact with a drag.

I have tree nodes which are panelgroups, and all of them are draggable and are drop targets. When I drag one and trigger hover_start, does the event get sent to the the drop target or the one being dragged or both?
Hi, I've already implemented a tree with some drag-and-drop features among its nodes. Did you guys notice that both IE and firefox have different quirks when it comes to dragging?

Anyway, my main question is how would advise to implement auto style changes to drop targets when a dragged node is dragged across them? In my case, if I start dragging a node across the tree to another node, it's logical to expect all those nodes I mouse over to visually change to indicate themselves as drop targets.

None of your demo or examples actually show this. Are my options only limited to using javascript?

Edit: On the side, what exactly is the use of the tooltip property in IceUserObject? Doesn't seem to do anything when I set it... although it could have been shadowed by javascript tooltip I was using...
Well, my panelgroups are also contained inside a panelTabSet and that in turn contained inside a panelStack.
Couldn't you just try to run the demo and some test app?
I'm interested in finding out if you managed to get your "other approach" to work.
I'm not sure if this is intended or if this is only logical.

I have an inner panelGroup that uses the rendered attribute bound to a property to control it's visibility.

If I put the above panelGroup inside another panelGroup, the rendered attribute doesn't work and the inner panelGroup never disappears after it appears.

If instead I wrap the inner panelGroup inside a panelGrid, then the rendered attribute works as expected.
Hi all,

I just wanted to ask if any of you guys know of a good text field component that allows only numeric input. Like inputNumber or something, rather than just allowing the input and then producing a validation message. It would prevent the entry of non-numeric values altogether.

I believe I have located some problems with the menu bar.

1. If a menuItem does not specify an actionListener, the alignment of the menu item will get messed up; the item actually sticks to the left border. I know it's unlikely for there to be a menuItem without an actionListener, but I just noticed this as I was adding placeholders to my menu.

2. It is not possible to declare a menuItem inside a menuBar that does not have any child menuItems. Meaning

<ice:menuBar ...>
<ice:menuItem ...>

is not possible. It's probably designed that way, but I have an action that is a menu by itself and it feels more logical to be able to click on it on the menu bar itself rather than have an additional dropdown with just one menu item.
Apparently... localization on buttons work in CE 1.0.0. I actually reverted the libraries to test some other things and found out that the buttons now display double-byte unicode characters without a problem. I went back to 1.0.1 and the buttons don't parse the unicode again.
Yes, I'm binding the value attribute to resource bundles. The problem with most of the examples is that they use European languages as examples. What I'm having trouble with is actually with double-byte characters like Chinese.

Despite saving a properties file in with utf-8 encoding, having the characters showing up nicely in most common editors, and the jsp page marked as content-type utf-8, the characters simply do not get interpreted properly.

But thanks, I'll check out the links.
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