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I am saying the drop down box width. The items inside the drop down cut off!
I am experiencing a problem with the filterOptions dropdown for a column.

I am using Icefaces 3.2 EE version. It is the ace dataTable component.
Browser: IE7


I have filterOptions on a column, and the values inside the drop down
cut off to less than the column width. This is in IE7. In Mozilla it works fine.

I tried adding this attribute
on that ace data table, and this :
style=width:200px on that column, to see if it works atleast if I increase column width, but still doesn't work.
I am experiencing the same problem.
Even if I say style=width:auto; on an ace data table it doesn't work.

The reason I want to make a column more wider is, I have filterOptions
on it, and values inside the drop down cut off. This is in IE7. In Mozilla it works fine. Any workaround?

I can send a screen pic, but it doesn't let me attach it here.
Well, I did a temporary workaround which did the job for me.
Added the attribute singleSubmit="true".
<f:param name="trkNbr" value="#{row.trackingNbr}" />

Wont this work?
But Im not sure how we can get the value from this.
Ok, That works , but only for the first time, I mean,
lets say there are 5 trackingNumbers..

I click on 1st trackingNumber, it works, but for the second trackingNumber,
the dialog doesnt show up..something is breaking..anything else to do in
the backingBean?

My bean scope is :
@CustomScoped(value = "#{window}")
Does this effect something?
Ok, I changed it to <ice:commandLink> and does work now.
But can you tell me how do I pass a param in



and get that param inside that dialog



Please desc.
Ok, I did this, seems to be working but, when I click on that link, it oopens up the dialog box and gets closed immediately the whole page refreshes....ANy ideas?

<ace:column headerText="Package Tracking #"
footerText="Package Tracking #" filterBy="#{row.trackingNbr}"
filterMatchMode="startsWith" filterValue="#{mainReport.trackingNumberFilter}">
<ice:outputLink onclick="trackDialog.show()">
<f:param name="trkNbr" value="#{row.trackingNbr}" />
<h:outputText value="#{row.trackingNbr}" style="color:blue" />

<ace:dialog widgetVar="trackDialog">
<iframe src="https://sso.secure.fedex.com/ePkgInquiry/OparInquiryEntry.iface?#{trkNbr}">

Well, If you see there...I am sending a parameter, so how do I send that param to the dialog ?
Hi , I have this
<f:param name="trkNbr" value="#{row.trackingNbr}" />
<h:outputText value="#{row.trackingNbr}" style="color:blue" />

basically when a user clicks on this link, he will get redirected to a new window, I mean that webpage listed above.. Is there a way to embed this in a ace dialog? so that a web page need not be opened in a new browser?
In the same example you gave me :
private List<SelectItem> accelOptions = new ArrayList<SelectItem>() {{
add(new SelectItem(""));
add(new SelectItem(5));
add(new SelectItem(10));
add(new SelectItem(15));

According to you it should work for this also right ?:
private List<SelectItem> accelOptions = new ArrayList<SelectItem>() {{
add(new SelectItem(""));
add(new SelectItem("5"));
add(new SelectItem("10"));
add(new SelectItem("15"));

Russell Lewandowski added a comment - 20/Jan/13 10:42 PM
SVN 32311, ICE-8639 made a change to the compare that accidentally compared the itemVal to the filterEvent and not the filterVal. Small typo. Attached is the correct code to make this functionality work again. Functionality works in ICEfaces 3.2, only effects 3.3.SNAPSHOT.

What does this mean? I need to get 3.3 SNAPSHOT?

Also, do I need to add filterValue parameter to get filterOptions working? or any attributes on the data table?

Look, i am trying to square the issue, that's all, even my colleague experienced the same problem, and that is why I think its not just my problem. I will also try to reproduce in a new test project, I mean why I am not still doing that is, the data I am getting from is kindf linked to many other complex things..so..Anyways you have been a grt help, but I request to help me square the issue.Thanks!
Can you please explain how that link of yours would relate to this issue?
It talks about freezing a column while scroll.
How that anyway relates to my issue? Of the values under filterOptions in drop down not staying the same , even if you change the option !
The link you showed me, says that issue was resolved in EE_3.2 GA version which is scheduled to be released tomorrow. I will see after changing to those jars will give me any luck. Will 3.2 EE R1 be any different form this official GA version?
Yes, I am sure I am using 3.2 EE, And I don't get any errors, but the selection of the drop down doesn't stay the same! After I select something it goes back to the 1st option whatever it might be..it resets to the 1st option. I dont understand if I am doing something fancy on the backend bean. But I dont think so.

Secondly, If I filter something, lets say there is a number# column and I filtered for 123. I got results for all 123 startsWith's. Now, I click on something else for the data in that data table to be changed, the filters dont get changed. What needs to be done for those filters to be reset ?
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