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Does anybody know why IceFaces 4.2 EE doesn't read the content of <h:head> ?
 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./xmlhttp/css/rime/rime.css" />

I have had to copy all the content (such as stylesheet links, title, scripts and internal CSS) from <h:head> to <h:body> for it to be read and used.

This wasn't an issue in IceFaces 3.3. I've tried googling for it, but all the top results are nothing to do with the issue.

I've attached a screenshot of the web pages source code and one of the xhtml code, both relating to the <head> section.
As you can see there is no <title> or <style> from the <h:head> section of the code in the <head> section of the webpages source code.

I'm working on IceFaces-EE-4.2.0-GA using WebSphere 8.5 for the server with myfaces-bundle-2.2.12.jar
I've managed to sort the styling for it. I've attached pictures of the drop down checkbox list.

It's an <ace:panel> with nested <ace:checkboxButtons>. Took some work, but I've managed to make it look more like the other input fields.
I've just tried this on an ace:pushButton with a nested
<ace:ajax onStart="jsFunctionChangeToBusyCursor" onComplete="jsFunctionChangeToNormalCursor"/>

Now the button doesn't do anything when clicked.
Hello Art,

I looked at the ace:dataTable filtering, but that's on results filtering. I'm wanting to use this as pre-results filtering that builds custom SQL. Wouldn't particularly want the users having the post-results filtering as they would just always load in the maximum results and then filter on them.

Is there a way to get that dropdown checkbox list out of the ace:datatable filtering?

Your suggestion works. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but it seems to be the closest thing to what I'm wanting to achieve. With some custom styling I might be able to change this individual panel header to display more how I want.

We currently have a selection of filters, various input text fields, date pickers and some dropdown boxes. The user enters data into these fields and these are then used to build a custom SQL query for any fields that have data entered.
For the order status we currently only allow them to search on one status at a time, or all statuses. It was suggested that a dropdown checklist would be better so that they could filter on multiple statuses.

Out general layout is we have the filters inside a collapsible panel, then the ace:dataTable for the results in a separate collapsible panel, then any available actions (view extra details, print labels, update status) the user can complete on selected rows inside another collapsible panel (See simple visual aid below)

(Filters Collapsible Panel)
(Results Collapsible Panel)
(Actions Collapsible Panel)

Does that then mean I'm going to have to assign this to every input, button and link that will trigger an event? If so then it's just not workable, it's a large program and that's a lot of inputs, buttons and links
Default action defines a default action to carry out at the form level. We have multiple buttons per form. I just want the button action to be carried out when the user has the button selected through tabbing and presses ENTER.
This doesn't answer the question of why does the button support the user pressing SPACE to submit it, but not support ENTER.
When the ace:pushButton is set as the page focus, through tabbing etc, and the user then presses ENTER, the action is not carried out.

If however the user presses SPACE then the button action is carried out.

I have figured out a workaround of using
<icecore:jsEventListener events="onkeypress" action="#{loginbean.login}" handler="enterKey">
 	<ace:pushButton value="Login" action="#{loginbean.login}" id="loginButton"></ace:pushButton>

but having to put this on every single button is going to require a lot of time.

How come the ace:pushButton doesn't support the ENTER key to submit it, but does support the SPACE key?
Is there a way to create a dropdown list that contains items with a checkbox that can have multiple items selected.

After some google searching most people seem to point to the likes of:
 <ace:buttonGroup>, <ace:list>, <ace:checkboxButtons>

but these don't offer the functionality I am after.
I want to use it for a multi select filter, but there are 20 different choices and displaying them all on the page inside a group just isn't an option.

I tried nesting checkboxes inside the <ace:selectMenu> but this doesn't seem to work.

The best example of what I'm after was a primefaces feature on the Multiple dropdown:

I've been looking through the ACE Component Reference, the wiki and the showcase, as well as a lot of google, but I still might have missed it.

Does anybody know a way to achieve this with JSF and/or IceFaces?

I've tried doing that also, unfortunately it still didn't trigger the busy indicator on the mouse cursor and then without the submit monitor there is nothing to display to the users to show them that the page is busy.

I noticed that in IceFaces 3.3 the busy indicator stopped appearing, but that was sorted by the displayHourglassWhenActive attribute on <ice:outputConnectionStatus>

It wouldn't be an issue if the blocking overlay with the monitor state stayed until all the rendering is complete, but when dealing with rendering large quantities of data in a popup it appears as though the UI is interactable whilst the rendering is finishing. Then after a few seconds (depending on the size of the data this is sometimes quite a few seconds) the popup finally displays.
Yes, I have looked at all that information.

I have even been here: http://icefaces-showcase.icesoft.org/showcase.jsf?grp=aceMenu&exp=submitMonitor

As you can see on the showcase, when a submit is done the mouse cursor doesn't change to show that the browser is busy.

There are no errors being displayed by IceFaces because as far as it is concerned it is working properly. It just doesn't work how it used to when UI was blocked during a submit.

I appreciate that you are trying to help, but sending me a link to the submitMonitor wiki, which contains no information on how to make a busy indicator show, does not answer the question at hand.

I just want to be able to change to mouse cursor to a busy indicator whilst the UI is blocked, like it used to in previous versions. There is no information on that for IceFaces 4.2. I have checked the IceFaces documentation. I have checked the IceFaces Wiki. I have checked the IceFaces 4.2 showcases. I have searched the IceFaces forum. I have searched Stack Overflow. I have tried Googling and I just keep finding references to Icefaces 1.x and compatibility mode for Icefaces 2+ (<ice:xxx> tags)

Is this an oversight, or intentional that the mouse cursor no longer changes to a busy indicator when the UI is blocked?
I'm working on migrating from IceFaces 3.3 to IceFaces 4.2

Previously when submitting a form, IceFaces 3.3 would block the UI and then display a busy indicator for the mouse cursor. I believe this was set on the ice:outputConnectionStatus

In IceFaces 4.2 the replacement is ace:submitMonitor. When submitting a form, I no longer get a busy indicator for the mouse cursor.

This is an issue when loading a large results list. The busy indicator on the submit monitor finishes and goes into an idle state, IceFaces then shows the page as though it can be interacted with (No overlay, no busy indicator), but the results list hasn't finished being rendered and the UI is still unable to be interacted with.

Is there a setting I am missing that sets the mouse cursor to a busy indicator whilst the request is being submitted and during page rendering, like it used to in IceFaces 1.8 and IceFaces 3.3?
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