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Thanks Patrick.

I have one more query.
Could you please help me in enabling log for icepdf.jar?

Hi Patrick,

Have you found any thing?

Have you found any thing.
Hi Patrick,

I have already shared sample code with you, which take approximate 4-8 sec in tiff conversion with , 8GB physical memory, 2 GB heap and 8 core processor.
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for prompt reply,

Could you please help me, in defining optimum hardware for processing 10000 tiff conversion withing 10 min.

I have tried all available compression format supoort by icepdf. and presently i am using COMPRESSION_LZW.
Hi All,

I am using ICEPDF to convert multipage PDF to multipage TIFF. In my system we have to convert 10000 multipage PDF to multipage tiff withing 10 min.
Can any one help would should be system architecture. And how can i optimize code for better processing.
PDF size is 50KB.

Currenly I am able to convert only 2000 PDF to TIFF per hour.

Very much help needed.

Thanks for supoort.
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