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Hi, I new with icefaces. I need one control that permiting select multiple, I am trying use selectManyMenu but I don't understand how populate the List for the attribute "value".

This is my code:
<ice:selectManyMenu style="width:auto" disabled="false" value="#{opspecAuthStation.selectedMenuItem}" >
 				    <f:selectItems value="#{opspecAuthStation.subFleetList}" />

┬┐How can populate the selectMenuItem? This only need the posible values?

private String [] selectedMenuItem; 
 selectedMenuItem = new String[subFleetList.size()]; 
 for (int i=0;i<subFleetList.size();i++) 
 			selectMenuItemList[i] = new SelectItem(subFleetList[i]); 
 System.out.println("valores selectedMenuItem: " +  Arrays.toString(selectedMenuItem));

please some example how use selectManyMenu?Thanks
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