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Hi All,

I'm having exactly the same problem. The code worked until I refactored it and moved the form tags from the template client into the template.

I'm going to try refactoring again and put <ice:form> tags back in the template client and see if that fixes it.

The <a> tags in the generated code have as the href "javascript:"

In the error console of the browser I also see "ice is not defined" message

jialles wrote:

here is a code snippet ( by using persistence ) to get the value in a second database table, based on a datatable row value:

protected String locationTxt;

* Get the value of locationTxt
* @return the value of locationTxt
public String getLocationTxt()
locationTxt = "Unbekannt";
Object value = getValue("#{currentRow['ID_LOCATION']}");
if (null != value)
TPrelocations_Controller tprelocations_Controller = new TPrelocations_Controller();
TPrelocations[] tprelocations = tprelocations_Controller.getTPrelocationsbyID(Integer.parseInt(value.toString()));
if (tprelocations.length > 0)
locationTxt = tprelocations[0].getLocationtxt();

} catch (Exception ex)
info("Lesefehler Firmen-Standortname.");
return locationTxt;

And here we have the .jsp:

<ice:column id="columnID_LOCATION">
<ice:outputText id="outputText5" value="#{yourpage.locationTxt}"/>
<f:facet name="header">
<ice:outputText id="outputText6" value="Firmen-Standort:"/>

Hope this helps,

HJ. Alles 

Thanks jailes and mkat. That's what I needed.


tyler.johnson wrote:

How is your markup event triggered? Is it through a change in application state or through direct user interaction?

If it's through a change in application state, I would recommend reviewing our 'GroupAsyncRenderer Implementations' section in the server initiated rendering (Ajax Push) portion of our developers guide:


This section contains an example of how to use our onDemandRenderer capabilities. It has a fictitious stockEventListener that listens for stock event updates and when one is received, will perform any required logic and requestRender to push out updates to the UI. You will want to follow this same idea.

Now if this event is triggered by direct user interaction such as a button click, you could simply manipulate your dataTable model in the action method.




This is on initial rendering. In the tables with Netbeans VWF you could create a table , then add a column of checkboxes. You then bound the selected state of the checkbox to a boolean. In the getter method for that boolean. When the table is rendered the getter method of the boolean is called for each row in the table. Inside the getter method you could put code that looked at other columns to calculate the state of the checkbox.

You could use something like this to set the selected state of the checkbox:
String productSoldStr = (String) getValue({currentRow.value['PRODUCT_ID']}");

if (productIDStr.equals("SOLD")
return true;
else return false;

Is there something similar to theis in IceFaces?
Hi All,

In woodstock tables you could use currentRow or get the current row from a rowGroup to put data in tables.

How is that done in IceFaces?

I have a table bound to a MySQL database table. I created a new column to put retail price in. I want to be able to get wholesale price from the database and multiply it by a markup factor and put the result into my new column in the table (retail price), and do this for each row in the table, and have it stay coherent id the table is sorted.


Is it possible to get at the imageMap of a <ice:graphicImage>?

I'm trying to modify WebMC to allow users to draw primitive graphics on the image then submit the drawing for all users to see.

I have the drawing part working OK with a simple JavaScript drawing routine.

Now I'd like to be able to get at the bitmap so I can overlay the drawing on the slide for the other users to see. I can do this easily with Java2D.

I guess it would be best to do that within WebMC by modifying the routine that delivers the image to the renderer.

Where is that?

I guess I could also write a new tag based on <ice:graphicImage> that accepts attributes for drawing a graphic primitive on top of the image.

I Imagine I'd have to add an entry to the TLD and recompile.

Is that practical?

That would actually be kind of nice because I could use all of the standard techniques to update the bean and redraw the image.



Sorry, not a WebMC problem.


Great product and great idea to open source it.

I'd like to add the ability to draw on the displayed image. I have a JavaScript toolkit that I can use within a <DIV> tag to draw lines, text, etc.

Can you point me toward the part of the program where the displayed image lives?

It looks to be in index.jspx in the section:

width="720" height="540"/>

Is that correct

Do you see any problems with this approach?

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