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I'm having the same problem. After updating to 3.0.7 file upload listener doesn't work.
I have found the solution!
I have the selectOneMenu component inside one form tags and the commandButton in another form and now it works!
I'm developing a portlet in liferay 4.3.3 and I have the following problem.
In one form I have added a selectOneMenu component and a commandButton component.
The selectOneMenu has this code on the jspx file:
 <ice:selectOneMenu binding="#{editBean.keyStoreListBind}" partialSubmit="true" id="reporitorySelected">
 	<f:selectItems value="#{editBean.keyStoreList}" />
 <ice:inputText value="#{editBean.keyStoreName}" />
 <ice:commandButton id="cmdCreate1" value="Crear deposito de claves"
 						partialSubmit="true" actionListener="#{editBean.generateKeyStore}">

In the backingBean the method getKeyStoreList has this code:
 public ArrayList<javax.faces.model.SelectItem> getKeyStoreList() {
 ArrayList<javax.faces.model.SelectItem> lstKeyStore = new ArrayList<javax.faces.model.SelectItem>();
 SelectItem item = null;
 File dir = new File(path);
 String[] list = dir.list();
 if (list != null) {
 	for (int i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
 		item = new javax.faces.model.SelectItem(i, list[i]);
 return lstKeyStore;

But when I click on the button the method generateKeyStore is not executed.
I have tried lot of things and if I supress the

line from the getKeyStoreList() method then the code of the button is executed but obviously the selectOneMenu is empty.
Does anybody know what can I do?
Thanks for your help!
I have the same problem as aidev.
The Code:

sentence returns the browser locale instead the portal locale
I'm using the inputFile component to upload files and works fine. But now I would like to upload files in secure way using encription.
Does any body know how to do that?
Hi chrishantha,
The catalina.out does not show anything.
I have a problem with date component.
I have this code
 <ice:selectInputDate id="dateBefore" binding="#search.dateBefore}"								renderAsPopup="true">
 <f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"

And the code in the backing bean
      private SelectInputDate dateAfter;
 	public SelectInputDate getDateAfter() {
 		return dateAfter;
 	public void setDateAfter(SelectInputDate date) {
         this.dateAfter = date;

When I made click on the calendar image I get an error 500 message.
Can any body help me?
I have a page in which I show some information depending the value of a boolean variable.
I have divided the page in two panelGroup components and I set the rendered property to true or false.
The problem is that despite of the content of the panelGroup is not displayed, I can see in the logs how the metods contained in that panel are called.
Is there any way to prevent the metods to be called?
Thanks very much.
I'm using icefaces 1.7.0 and liferay 4.3.3
It doesn't work. I have included the code in my listener and changed the goToPage to the name of the tag in the navigation rule
Hi h_aptioglu, do you mean I have to include that code in the <ice:rowSelector> component listener? In which one? In selectionListener or selectionAction?
Hi deryk.sinotte,
Here is the view.jspx where I have the datatable.
Thanks for your help
Hi deryk.sinotte,
I can't paste the code now because I'm not in the office, I'll paste it as soon as possible. I have the <ice:portlet> component.
I have been developing an stand alone application and now I want to convert it to a portlet in order to deploy inside liferay.
There are some navigation rules which don't work and in the stand alone application worked fine.
I have a datatable with a row selector.
 			                    <ice:rowSelector id="selected"
                                      partialSubmit="true" selectionAction="#{inventoryList.selectionAction}"/>
 			                        <f:facet name="header">
 			                            <ice:outputText value="Id"/>
 			                        <ice:outputText value="#{item.id}"/>

The selectionAction method in the bean is
public String selectionAction()
     	return "view";

And the navigation rule
   	<description>from search to manage</description>	  	

Now when I make click on the row nothing hapends. I can see how the rowSelectionListener and the selectionAction are fired but the page does not change.
Can anybody help me?
I have a similar problem but only with firefox in ubuntu. I'm using a single page to hold a ice inputFile component. It works fine with explorer and firefox in windows, but in linux (ubuntu) when I load the web page with firefox the form is not showed completely. I can't see the upload button.
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