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feel free to open a new jira, please attach a simple test case
at least two options here:

#1. Need to debugging a bit with your implementation, ie you could implement a call back,


copy the above in the project and create a new call back for your specific situations.

If having problems, please attach a simple project...

#2. not sure if all jsf components are ICEfaces, if could be changed to fragment of the pages. ie, a panel stack with layer of layer of fragment of pages using jsp:include.
Is the same screen working for you on 1.7.2?

Is the problem after upgrade to 1.8.1?

it might be related where the value is false in 1.8.1.

init is call back method for request scope bean, there are other call back method call as well, Are you using all of them?

What is environments like? Glassfishs v2.1 , jsf version , etc ?
Please clarify why need to navigate to another Page? Page1 should provide all the steps as you described.

ie, a stack of panel display Customer 1 or Customer the Yth etc ... and showing the corresponding panel instead.
please reference to:
design time and run time classpath is separated,
ie: icefaces.jar is only available in deployment file or in design time classpath

thanks for your interests, please refer to:

if problem could be duplicated, please open a jira at
the exception sounds related to jvm version, which jdk are you running?

visual web project integration is compiled against /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_15 on a 32bit installation.
If you are using netbeans 6.5.1, it will configure all resources required to start with Glassfish v2.

Jdeveloper could use maven-plugin generated project file to start with. Search for example that I post it.
What is the requirement here? from back bean checking a boolean value before rendering a tab in the tabset?
f:selectItems provides data structure.
You could try it using EL for value attribute to start with.

for example: define message_LOCALE.properties
the component-showcase provides some of the examples for msg implementation,

Not sure if there is any problem, but firstly, please try to understand logging in the netbeans. ie, the log from ~/.netbeans/6.5/var/log/message.

If you implemented a Swing based of interface before, moving around in design panel is not a good practice to start with ....
it is not likely to have problem with it unless that you are not using a different configuration. call back methods call are enabled by using the following:

from faces-config.xml

from web.xml
<listener> <listener-class>org.icefaces.netbeans.rave.web.ui.appbase.servlet.LifecycleListener</listener-class>

@ nathalia.sautchuk

If you create a new Visual Web Project, all resources are already configured by default. It should work for you out of box.

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