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hi all,

I'm trying to give layout to the tree but I'm stuck on something... the result I have now is in attachement on this thread. How do I get the vertical lines gone where they are not supposed to be? is that a variable or something? and how do I get them fit together with the above and under. I've tried everything...

Kind regards

does anyone have an idea for this error?
javax.servlet.ServletException: Can't get stream for /index.jsp.jsp
com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.PersistentFacesServlet.service(Unknown Source)

the system were making runs on my buddies computer but on none of mine :s EXACTLY the same code

wel for example when I clik on an item in my tree view. I get the following error
SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet Blocking Servlet threw exception
at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.BlockingServlet.service(Unknown Source)
I'm calling popup from another iface page indeed.

kind regards
hi, anybody an idea why a validator doesn't get called when field is empty? When I empty the field, I get a nullpointer cause it goes directly to the processor...
ideas anyone?

hi, does anyone have an explaination for the fact that the faces don't work in a popup window? well.. a solution would be cool too ;-)

thx but the thing i don't get is the backing beans... for it. do you perhaps have a simple example for that that you can send me? so just a datatable with some data and sort on a column so I can see what the bean is supposed to be...

appreciate it
can anyone tell me what to do tot make a datatable sortable? I looked at the source but the example uses an array and I'm using a vector filled up by DB, anyone have a step by step thing?

I don't understand your rendering method, I attached the jsp file so that you can see where I'm going with it.
and maybe you'll have another solution

I'm really in deep s***, I have to get over this to continue my work...

Thx in advance

I'm looking for a way to include pages dynamicaly, I used to do it with c:import (jstl) then I did Icefaces, didn't work anymore, then I used
<'jsp:directive.include 'file="${sessionScope.ModuleBean.pageToInclude}" />
wich only works with static pages like banner and stuff...
does anyone have an id to do this right?
it works
thx guys,

I have another question, I'm transforming my platform that I'm building in JSF to ICEfaces but somethings wrong.

(WITHOUT THE - signs)
<-f:subview id="header">
<-c:import url="/include/banner.jsp"/>

this does not work anymore... is there an alternative for that?

appreciate it guys
We got the icefaces running in eclipse after rewriting alot of code... but we got a pretty anoying featur in eclipse where I wonder if I can shut it off.. when I debug in eclipse, it goes trough all the code even trough code that I didn't write myself, like in netbeans it only debugs trough written code and not trough the jars and stuff..
anyone an id?
problem solved by restarting... the wonders of java :p
thx anyway for all your help

kind regards
in attach
prob in eclipse
I keep getting cannot find facescontext... i know it's a common error but I can't find anything I did wrong but then also I don't know eclipse yet
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