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I accidentally introduced this bug in 6.3.2. A check for the callback should have been made before calling


I'll get this fixed up for the next patch release. As a workaround you can add a callback or add the null pointer check.
You'll need to enable the system property -Dorg.icepdf.core.strokeAdjustmentEnabled=true
and set

This will make the lines all a bit thicker. If you need to adjust the thickness you can use the property -Dorg.icepdf.core.strokeAdjustmentValue which has a default of 0.2.
Are you able to post the actual PDF document?
Any chance you could post a sample PDF file?
Can you upload a sample file?
That's correct we moved to javax.swing.SwingWorker. It has a lot of advantages over the previous incarnation.
The 6.3. code base has 1.8 specific syntax and api calls so there is no simple way to compile it for 1.7 unfortunately.

Java 8 and higher addresses many security issues and has improved performance. It's certainly worth taking a look at...
It's hard to say without the actual file. But the digital signatures are rendered using a annotation subtype using regular PDF notation. This appearance is actually unrelated to the integrity of the digital signature it's self.

So that all said the regression is likely do to an image decode issue.
The OS version can not read embedded fonts that are CID encoded and sometimes the PDF does not include a toUnicode mapping which makes is pretty much impossible to figure out which characters to show without the encoding font.

Have you tried the 6.2.5 Pro trial version?
The ICEpdf api does not allow a user to create a PDF document from scratch, you can use other api's for that like iText. You can use ICEpdf to annotate an existing document using various annotation tools provided in the viewer RI. For more information, http://www.icesoft.org/wiki/display/PDF/Understand+the+ICEpdf+Viewer+work+area . You can open the utility pane at any time and select the annotation tab to see all the tools.
Looks like you found one. I created http://jira.icesoft.org/browse/PDF-1257 for the issue and suggested a work around until the next release.
As you seen quite a bit of work has been done this component since 5.0. However we're not seeing the problem on our test systems using 6.3. Can you give me a little more information on your environment.
Your likely missing some of the required supporting image jars. You can check the 6.3 release's dependency graph.
As for 6.3.1 shooting for the end of the month, hopefully sooner.
I've been working with a supported client to try and fix the sticky properties introduced in 6.3. As part of PDF-1249 I've made some changes how the property manager should be used with respect to the SwingViewBuilder.

I'm sure I'll get some more flack on this issue but basically you'll need to revert you code to what it looked like pre 6.3:

prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_ANNOTATION, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_FIT, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_ROTATE, Boolean.TRUE)
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_ZOOM, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_PAGENAV, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_TOOL, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_UTILITY, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_KEYBOARD_SHORTCUTS, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_STATUSBAR, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_STATUSBAR_STATUSLABEL, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_STATUSBAR_VIEWMODE, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITYPANE_ANNOTATION, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITYPANE_BOOKMARKS, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITYPANE_LAYERS, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITYPANE_SEARCH, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITYPANE_THUMBNAILS, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_OPEN, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SAVE, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_PRINT, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SEARCH, Boolean.TRUE);
 prop.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_UPANE, Boolean.FALSE);
 prop.setInt(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_DEFAULT_PAGEFIT, DocumentViewController.PAGE_FIT_WINDOW_HEIGHT);
 prop.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_IMAGING_REFERENCE_TYPE, ImageReferenceFactory.ImageReference.BLURRED.toString());

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