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Fixed and will be available in next release.
It is caused by IDE's validation process based on the rules we provide. Apparently there is a problem here. your fileUploadListener(FileEntryEvent event) is right and that listener takes FileEntryEvent as parameter.
It is fixed and will be available in next release. In the meantime, you can ignore the error message
If you can only see ICEfaces/Primefaces/Richfaces, it means you most likely selected JSF 2.2 library under Libraries tab. ICEfaces 3.3 hasn't been officially certified to work wirh JSf 2.2 yet. You can select Registered Libraries: JSF 2.1.21 and Select ICEfaces 3.3.0 under Components tab. For detail customization, you can click More.... button.

And also be aware that ICEfaces 3.3 hasn't been certified to run on Glassfish 4, which shipped with Netbeans 7.3.1. So please select Glassfish 3.1.xx, or other supported app servers.
Kelper support will be released with ICEfaces 3.4.
ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA and 3.3.0.GA_P01 support eclipse 3.4
New Netbeans tool bundles for Open source and EE customer with Netbeans 7.3.1 support have been released.
It is updated.
Could you please tell me more about "unable to access the iceface components in xhtml"?

which editor you used when you get the error?

ICEfaces plugin checks tabChangeListener signature for return type of void instead of string. It doesn't check for valueChangeEvent. I will add this check in next release.

It should support 10.6.
It appears to me that new plugins are not installed at all. New plugins support 1.8.2.P05/3.2.0 and ICEmobile 1.2.0 only.

The one showing 10.6.0.me201207261914 is the stock one comes from ME 10.6. The one you downloaded should replace the stock one.

As per Guide.pdf,

1. add a site in MyEclipse Configuration Center and the site should listed under Personal Sites:
-ICEmobile EE update sites
--ICEfaces EE, ICEmobile EE for MyEclipse 10
----ICEfaces AJAX and Java EE Tooling for MyEclipse
2. Hilight and right click on "ICEfaces EE Ajax and Java EE Tooling for MyEclipse", and select Add to Profile

3.wait for a while and you should see "ICEfaces AJAX and Java EE Tooling for MyEclipse" 10.7.10 is listed in Personal Software and also notice that there is a button "Apply 1 change" in Pending changes.

4. Press the button to install the update.

See the screen shot I attached.
If ice/ace namespace cannot be resolved it means ace (icefaces-ace.jar)/ice (icefaces-compat.jar) component library is missing.

There is guide.pdf in the zip file you have downloaded. Please follow the guide. and make sure ace component or ice component checkbox is checked.

Have you tried ICEfaces 3.2 for NB 7.2?

Do you mean ace components doesn't show in palette view?
Where does "ICEfaces-3_new.zip" come from?
It doesn't have to be zip file. You can install from unzipped files. For example you have put unzipped files/directories under /unzippedfiles/. In eclipse, Help->install New software -> Add... -> Local...

Here you should select Local.. instead of Archive..

This issue has been fixed and has been released in ICEmobile Eclipse tool bundle.

If you cannot wait till next ICEfaces tool bundle release, download and install Eclipse tool bundle for ICEmobile 1.2, which includes latest Eclipse tool bundle for ICEfaces 3.2
If you really want to use jspx extension for facelet xhtml page,
is required.

Faces Servlet mapping can be any you like such as *.faces

Your request url should be http://xxxx:xxxx/yourapp/yourpage.faces

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