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Where should i put this code:

function() {

Im still having this problem :(

any idea?? this happens to anyone else?? may be im doing something wrong, is very easy to reproduce I think..
im using Liferay 4.4.2, Icefaces 1.7 and glassfish

Thanks a lot!!
how can you have an empty date on calendar textbox when doing a partial submit with a button??, im getting this message on the server:

sourceId=null[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(null), detail=(null)];|WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but may not have been displayed.
sourceId=null[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(null), detail=(null)]

i have my calendar binding with a data object in my managed bean, but i want to have certain calendar textbox empty, thanks a lot!!
the special request scope beans in icefaces last util you change the page via navigation or something more agresive like close the window right???

but when you are in a view and navigate to another view in a liferay portlet or close the window the request scope bean dont get reset o cleaned, acting like a session bean i think, is anybody having the same behavior??

Thanks a lot!
Im having the same problem... any solution??
h_aptioglu, can you show me a minimal working web.xml, portlet.xml and any xml needed to get working the inputfile, i have version 1.7.0 rc1, i have icefaces and facelets working, but input file not :(

Hi, here should i put the code you posted??? i can not fix the session expired message when doing a partial submit :(

Thanks a lot!!
including those lines in the liferay-portlet.xml file:


always shows the session expired message.

I have a problem, the first time the portlet appers this:
<ice:outputText renderedOnUserRole="administrator" value="IM ADMIN!!"/>
works very well, but when I do a partial submit of any kind (button, valuechange, etc), the message doesnt appears anymore and this is a property from a managed bean, the first time this works well, returning the firstname:

public String getName() {
try {

User usr = UserServiceUtil.getUserById(10720);
return usr.getFirstName();
} catch (Exception ex) {
return ex.getMessage() + ex.getLocalizedMessage() + ex.toString();

but the second one, when doing a partial submit, give me a NPE!!

Any help?? looks like this is a session problem... or is this a bug??

Thanks a lot!!!
How do i get the liferay logged user object or id in a managed bean of an icefaces portlet??
somebody told me that with request.getRemoteUser() i could get the userid, but how to get the Portlet Request Object in the managed bean??

Thanks a lot!
I changed the com.icesoft.faces.synchronousUpdate context param to true, and glassfish dont crashes since, maybe some bad buggy asynchonous connection without closing on the re-deployment crashes glassfish, since i dont need asynchonous mode, this solves mi problem, i hope this help you.
This happens to me too, i can not start any project when "something happens" , any solution???
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