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Hi Kevin,

Do you notice any errors when you look at the ICEfaces Debug Console (cntrl-shift-t)?

Hi Misumbi,
Thanks for your excellent questions. A representative from Sales will respond to you individually about questions 6 & 7.

1. What are Ajax's special/main features?
AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It simply opens up another way for the client and server to communicate in web applications. AJAX's main benefit is a greatly improved user experience. Why? Because the AJAX platform frees the web developer from the constraining post-back request-response cycle. Web pages can function more like self-contained applications, because the client can communicate information, such as user-interactions, to the server without interrupting the user experience by posting back. Just compare the feel of newer AJAX'ified web applications to more traditional web applications that force the user down a long sequence of steps to complete the same process that can be completed on a single AJAX web page. Take a look at our demos and see for yourself. Our own Steve Maryka wrote an interesting overview in the white paper <a href="http://www.icesoft.com/richwebapplications.pdf">Rich Web Applications with Java and AJAX</a>.

2. What server technologies does it use?
AJAX uses XMLHttpRequests supported in most modern browsers. ICEfaces is a JSF framework that uses this technology to bring AJAX into the Java world. We also have an Enterprise Edition that employs other Java server API's, such as JMS.

3. What GUI-Builder or IDEs does it support?
ICEfaces comes with a variety of IDE support including plugins for:
- BEA WebLogic
- Sun Java Studio Creator 2
- Eclipse
- Oracle JDeveloper
- IBM Rational Application Developer
We also provide a separate download for a NetBeans plugin.

4. Info about its performance?
Your perceived performance will most likely depend on a variety of factors, such as the Java server you deploy to, your server hardware, and your own application code. Out of the box, we believe that ICEfaces performs very well.

5. Info about its complexity?
One of the great things about ICEfaces is that it frees you from much of the complexity of writing AJAX web applications. You don't have to worry about JavaScript, if you don't want to. You do have to learn a little about writing JSF applications, but it's not a steep learning curve. I highly recommend sites such as http://www.jsftutorials.net for learning more.

8. Examples of applications/systems where ajax has been successfully used?
Too many to mention. It's taking the web by storm.

9. Deployment issues?
This depends on entirely on your Java server environment. With most Java servers it's simply a matter of throwing your application in a webapps directory.

10. Prerequisites for the client installation?
There's nothing needed on the client side.

Hi Arno,
Perhaps it's compiled JSP cacheing problem with JBoss. It could be that some of the older JSPs compiled under 0.3.1 are still in the temp or work folders and not getting correctly undeployed when you updated your webapp. Maybe try shutting down JBoss, cleaning out the temp and work directories and starting up JBoss again.

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