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Is the partial response different in the other browsers?
That JavaScript file is automatically loaded as long as you include a <mobi:contentMenuItem> or <mobi:contentStackMenu>. So it might be easier just to include an empty contentStackMenu in the contentStack like so:

     <mobi:contentPane id="menu">

This issue has been fixed in the ICEmobile trunk and will be available in the next release:


Have you verified that the inline style of 'width: 100%' is being rendered? I'm sure it is, but it might just be taking 100% width of a parent component that's narrower than 100%.

Because it requires the EE version for full browser support.
Servlet 2.5 is only supported with the EE version. So you'll need that.


Are you deploying to deploying to servlet 2.5 or servlet 3?
If you'd like the 'Save as..' dialog to open, set attachment="true" on the ice:outputResource component.

Try setting singleSubmit="true" on the mobi:dateSpinner.
Try using the clientId (ie. the id of the HTML element that you want to set focus to), rather than the id of the component, which won't be the same.
Is nameInputTextId a string in the javascript context? I'm not clear on how nameInputTextId.focus() would work. Have you tried JavaScriptContext.applicationFocus(FacesContext ctx, String id)?
It's only in the trunk. Details are in the jira.
Looks like you're missing xmlns:ice on the ui:composition tag. But why not just change ice:panelGrid to h:panelGrid?
You might need to analyze the DOM update that's coming back or compare the DOM before and after to see if some elements or attributes in the DOM are changing that might not need to. If you get rid of the ice: tags you can also use the ace:ajax or f:ajax tags with their 'render' attribute to pinpoint what exactly should be updated. This might help a focus issue.

We also have a new tag called icecore:focusManager in the trunk that you could try out:

It's likely that a DOM update is happening in the browser that includes the root element for the dialog. You can try binding the 'visible' attribute of the ace:dialog and setting that server side so any updates won't reset the dialog.

But I would also recommend using a dynamic ui:include rather than the ice:panelStack, which is a legacy component. It was only really needed for JSP pages in 1.8, which couldn't use Facelets. Using a dynamic ui:include will be much more efficient.

Actually, I believe this relies on some other fixes made for http://jira.icesoft.org/browse/ICE-9273. Your test case passes for me when I used the ICEfaces trunk.

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