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Assertions are disabled by default:


Do your JVM runtime settings have assertion checking active?
Can you post the working and non-working directory listings here in detail?
The textEntry.xhtml attached to


does make use of h:inputText, but no problem was reproduced. Please modify showcase in this way (and then modify further if necessary) to reproduce the problem so that it can be investigated.
In rare cases you will find the two to be compatible. If you are just trying to add a small number of PrimeFaces components to an ICEfaces application, the best approach is likely to create a simple JSF component with the desired features.
The first thing to confirm might be the getters and setters on the beans -- I would add some logging to those and to the bean constructors, since you may have a Spring scope that is resulting in new bean instances being created unexpectedly. It is possible that some of the Spring integration points (variable resolver, perhaps) are behaving differently under JSF 2.0.

Do you have any custom JavaScript in your application? I would try to simplify one of the pages as much as possible and then build it back up.

Do you have h:head and h:body in the page?
Can you create and attach a simple test case?
Which version of ICEfaces are you migrating from?
What is the specific version of ICEfaces being used?
There might be multiple JSF lifecycles -- partialSubmit="true" so this field will be submitted on a blur event. You could debug this either with a PhaseListener with logging or by looking at the network traffic in, say, Chrome.
It should be enough to just include icefaces-compat.jar from ICEfaces 3 since it contains a version of the ICEfaces 1.8 components supported on JSF 2.

Perhaps there are multiple messages, so h:messages rather than ice:message will work.
Do you have either very deeply nested HTML or components or large String values being written as, say, an outputText value?
Is it possible to print out the beginning of the 603MB char[]?
Nils asked about h:messages; was h:messages added to the page?
autoid only causes ICEfaces to add IDs to components that would not normally have IDs written to the page (such as h:panelGroup). ICEfaces components always render their IDs, so are not affected by this setting.
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