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Hi, I have to include a selectInputDate control. I use it with renderAsPopup="true". The problem is that it also renders a <br /> element between the <input /> and the popup div, which is very ulgy if you want to put more elements on one line, or in a table row. Is this a feature or a bug?
Also, sometimes (more often than not) it requires me to click 3 times on the popup button in order to get the popup to show. This happens only on the first run after deploy, but it happens almost consistently.

Thanx for bothering
Try to create a "New JSP File (xhtml, xml syntax)"
Then replace the created content with
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
 <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page" 

That should fix the problem.
Or you can switch to Facelets and check
It works for sure, I tested it. Generally speaking, (My)Eclipse doesn't have support for xhtml files, so you have to trick it into thinking that's a JSP file with xml syntax.
Good luck
I solved the problem. The problem came from the fact that the content was wider than the cell width and HTML by default ignores the specified width and just blindly extends the cell. Scrolling with fixed headers is implemented using two different tables, so modifications in the content table didn't influence the table containing the headers.
The solution is to add the style: Code:
"word-break: break-all"
to the columns classes (it works only on Internet Explorer) or to modify the getter of your bean to insert some <br/> where required (but you must then deactivate filtering in outputText and you have to estimate how many characters you can output).
Hi, I have the following very simple code:
<ice:dataTable cellspacing="0" id="entitiesTable" 
     value="#{entitiesBean.entityList}" var="entity">
         <f:facet name="header"><ice:outputText value="Entity name"/></f:facet>
         <ice:outputText value="#{entity.name}"/>	
         <f:facet name="header"><ice:outputText value="Description"/></f:facet>
         <ice:outputText value="#{entity.description}"/>	
         <f:facet name="header"><ice:outputText value="Entity type"/></f:facet>
         <ice:outputText value="#{entity.type}"/>	
         <f:facet name="header"><ice:outputText value="Classification"/></f:facet>
         <ice:outputText value="#{entity.classification}"/>	

That is a basic table, which works as expected.
The problem is when I try to make it scrollable, by adding
scrollable="true" scrollHeight="200px"
to the dataTable definition
The inititial table gets now redered in html as two tables, one containing the headers and one containing the columns. The headers are not synchronized anymore with the columns and are a little bit (10px) widder
See the screenshot
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