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I am still looking into this problem...

Hi Yolan,

There have been quite a few successful implementations using Hibernate.

I am not familiar with DbBean.

I hope this helps.
I have been pressed for time but have almost got the project going.
Will come back to you when I have analysed he problem.
If you follow the link and then on that page you press Download Index this will lead you an full index.
Please select the Boss seam area line and it will drop down the link for the ICEfaces seam gen link.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Turns out that old project pre-dated me using ICEfaces.
I have started to create a new little project to analyse your problem.
I will have that completed tonight and post the results of my findings.
I will dig out my project and try it with ICEfaces 1.6 on the same server/setup etc.

Will get back in touch with you.

Usually you dont "have" to handle the events.. they are there if you want to hang some functionality off that event.
"extension points"... and very useful!
How are you referencing the messages?

What version of Seam are you using?

Which Server and Version?

MyFaces or SUN RI?

In a project I was working on I had to provide German and English.

All my messages were fetched from a message "key", as you would expect, and when choosing the locale I had all my messages successfully fetched for me from the right regional resource (I used the seam local selector on the page as you have).

Things that spring to mind:

Ensure that your _<countrycode> in your property file is named correctly (based on the naming standard) otherwise it will default to the "base" messages file and you don't really get a warning.

Please explain what you expect ICEfaces to be doing with the messages as it really has no input (from memory) as it just passes on the "key" and the messages system fetches it for you?

I will look at the project I was working on tonight and post more information for you.

I tend to always internationalize so I don't have ANY raw text in my .xhtml files.

I assume you are using Facelets.
If you are fiddling with Seam 2 then you might find it is now called jpbm-jpdl.jar in the lib area of the Seam 2 download.

Please advise what version of ICEfaces you are using.
Have you moved to a new version of ICEfaces? and has this bug only just appeared?
Please advise what server you are deploying to.
Please post your web.xml and faces.config.

Thank you.
I am using Firefox on WIN XP 64 and the downloads work fine for me.
Please advise if this is still happening.
In the seam area of the downloads there is an icefaces-seam-gen tool.

Follow the instructions and this will produce you an icefaces seam project which you can compare your configuration against.

You can also refer to the developers guide that is embedded in the docs area of the 1.6 download and there is a section on Seam configuration in there.

What server/version are you running on?
This is a comprehensive list of the state of play with using Tomahawk components with ICEfaces.


I don't know of a comprehensive example I am afraid.

I see you have also posted in the Seam forums.


I will monitor this forum as I look into this problem.

Which version of Seam are you using?

Which Version of JBoss are you using?

Seam2 was built to use jboss-4.2.0.GA and you say you are using 4.0.5GA still so have you applied the correct changes to SEAM to cope with running in this legacy server version?

I assume you are using IceFaces 1.6 as you use the term "new icefaces".


Have you tried using Ant 1.6.. it appears that Ant 1.7 is not supported by Seams build scripts which is related to this problem.
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