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Hi Yolan,

There have been quite a few successful implementations using Hibernate.

I am not familiar with DbBean.

I hope this helps.
If you are fiddling with Seam 2 then you might find it is now called jpbm-jpdl.jar in the lib area of the Seam 2 download.

Please advise what version of ICEfaces you are using.
Have you moved to a new version of ICEfaces? and has this bug only just appeared?
Please advise what server you are deploying to.
Please post your web.xml and faces.config.

Thank you.
I am using Firefox on WIN XP 64 and the downloads work fine for me.
Please advise if this is still happening.
Thats great news.
Glad to have helped.
I have just downloded dr-5 from here in New Zealand and it opened up fine.

Try clearing out your partial downloads and try a full download again.

As for losing the focus for whole page when a field is invalid...

There is a known problem with validateAll


try using a validate with each field.

As for trying to set the page to auto focus on the first field that is in error...

I know of no easy way to achieve this. You may look at the JSF messages when the page is returned and force the focus to attach to the first field in the page.
Hi mikl974,

Are you using any other .js libraries or .js based components? e.g. Tomahawk etc.

Have you cleared all your caches for your browser?

These are common causes of this kind of problem.


ICEfaces uses a hidden field to pass back which commandButton (etc.) was pressed (actionListener).

This is mapped at server side to the action that is required to be executed.

This is an important security feature of ICEfaces.

If you want to programatically fire an event using javascript you will have to set the hidden field to the correct value that will be mapped at server side to a bean.method call.


Please could you supply the markup and backing code that adds the new element to the table.

I assume you are calling some backing bean to add the data to the table on the server and this call results in the parts of the page affected (i.e. the data table) to be re-rendered.


Facelets (https://facelets.dev.java.net/) allows you to avoid using JSP and "code" in xhtml (highly recommended).

If you hop over to the above site more will be explained about facelets.

If you download the 1.6.0-DR#5-bin bundle and look at the options for building the component showcase you will see targets for creating the project in two modes:
SUN RI (+facelets)

You will want to create the showcase with the SUN RI target.

Netbeans is fine.

Hi carpenter,

If you wanted the items horizontally then you would have a single row with lots of columns.

I may have misunderstood your requirement.

Hi danjepp,

Please can you post the markup around the area of the page.

This will give us more information to be able to analyze this further.

Hi sjsobol,

I appear to have no problems with MyEclipse.

I use explodedDeployment all the time, make changes to .xhmtl files and just carry on working and the changes just appear.

My Development stack is
MyEclipse (using exploded deployment)

The "proper headers" appear to be doing their job for me.

I hope this has helped in some way.

Hi Eashwaranp,

This is a great suggestion however the ICEfaces forum is based on the JForum open source project and unfortunately this adjustment is not under our control.

I suggest that you add a forum post to the JForums forum about this issue.

I find this happening a lot in other forums as the forum designers like to treat CODE like PRE.

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