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I tried the portlet 2.0 way that was mentioned and it didn't work. You can't put that jar into your war file.
Any update on this? There hasn't been a new build put out in awhile.
Woodstock came with the ability to sort on multiple columns. Meaning if one column is sorted, you could click on an additional column and have the values of that column subsorted. This does not seem to be supported in IceFaces. Is there way to accomplish this. I see there was a feature request for such functionality that was never implemented.
Figured this out for anyone with the same issue. As it turns out, when a dropdown box value is changed, and the value of it is bound to a session bean variable, this value is not updated until after the listener has completed. Therefore, you are better off using the event and getting the new value as opposed to using that value binding if you are wishing to utilize the selected value as I was. This is a departure from the Woodstock way of doing it but does make sense.
I'm not sure if this is because the application is in a portlet or not but I'm posting here because it is. I have selectOneMenu item defined as follows on my page.

<ice:selectOneMenu immediate="true" value="#{SessionBean1.currentCodeType}" id="codeTypeDDList" style="width: 144px" partialSubmit="true" valueChangeListener="#{CodeLists.codeTypeDDList_processValueChange}">
<f:selectItems id="codeTypeDDListItems" value="#{SessionBean1.options}"/>

When the event is fired, the underlying data in the following table is changed. However, when I run the app. The data is not updated on the table. When I make a subsequent selection on the dropdown, the data that should have been displayed is shown. So it is then one state behind where it should be. Doing a browser refresh on the page also gets it into the the right state. How can I get the table to update when it should?

<ice:dataTable augmentTitle="false"
style="width: 933px" title="#{SessionBean1.tableTitle}" width="933"
partialSubmit="true" >

<ice:selectBooleanCheckbox rendered="#{SessionBean1.CBVisible}" value="#{item.selected}"/>

<ice:column headerText="Code" id="column2" width="48">
<f:facet name="header">
<ice:outputText value="Code"/>
<ice:outputText id="outputText1" style="#{CodeLists.nameStyle}" value="#{item.code}"/>
<ice:column headerText="Type" id="column14">
<f:facet name="header">
<ice:outputText value="Type"/>
<ice:outputText id="outputText13" style="#{CodeLists.nameStyle}" value="#{item.type}"/>
This is in regards to the most basic tables not the database connected ones. Can I have text imputs, calendars, and drop downs integrated into my table that will change the values of the underlying objects when the page is submitted? This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere

Any progress here? I looks like this was requested awhile ago and was a high priority. I have tried the latest netbeans integration from Mrach 23rd but this is still not there. Portlet support will be key for many I believe.

I see that IceFaces is supplanting Woodstock as the preferred JSF component kit used in Netbeans. I also see that there are some tutorials provided that can be utilized to migrate and existing Woodstock application to IceFaces. My question is this. Can an exising JSF / Portlet Woodstock Application utilizing the JSF - Portlet Bridge be migrated to use IceFaces. I don't see this covered in the documentation. I do see that IceFaces can be used in a portlet environment. Has anyone been able to do this?
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