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I'm trying to modify the Highlight effect.

What I basically want is when a user's mouse moves over a component (text) the Highlight effect must trigger but from the original color to the specified color and when the user moves the mouse off a component the Highlight effect must trigger again only from the new color to the original color.

It's kind of like using CSS :hover but instead of just changing the background color I want that fade effect that highlight gives.

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this or maybe know of a guide that will explain how to do this?
Nevermind, I figured out that when working in Eclipse, you need to add both liferay-service.jar and liferay-kernel.jar as external JARs.
I've got a bit of a problem here:

When I try and use the class UserServiceUtil I only get one method from Eclipse's autocomplete function. I've added the liferay-service.jar as an external JAR from the folder %LIFERAY_HOME/server/default/lib/ext.

Any help?

I have a problem as well but my ClassCastException doesn't say what it resolves to. What I did was extend the MainPortlet class that ICEfaces provides and implemented the doView method. Now when I deploy the portlet I get the following error:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.novell.portlet.Portlet
at com.liferay.portal.deploy.hot.PortletHotDeployListener.initPortlet(PortletHotDeployListener.java:368)
at com.liferay.portal.deploy.hot.PortletHotDeployListener.doInvokeDeploy(PortletHotDeployListener.java:229)
at com.liferay.portal.deploy.hot.PortletHotDeployListener.invokeDeploy(PortletHotDeployListener.java:113)

Any advice?

I'm having a problem that might not be directly related to the topic but it seems that I have stumbled upon the right people to talk to.

I'm trying to create forms programmatically and keep getting the DOMException error that complains that I'm inserting nodes at the wrong place.

Could you guys please post just a short version of how to create components dynamically.

I've been struggling with this issue for three weeks now so I'm pretty desperate.

I'm struggling with a little issue. I am trying to build a form dynamically through a backing bean. The elements that are going to get displayed are read from a webservice that interacts with a processor utility we wrote.

Now what I try to do is when a user clicks a link the processor fires up and generates the form. My jspx code is as follows:

 <ice:panelPopup id="formLoader" draggable="true" 
                          modal="true" rendered="#{formLoader.visible}" 
                          visible="#{formLoader.visible}" autoCentre="true">
   <f:facet name="header">
     <ice:panelGrid columns="2" columnClasses="formLoaderTitle,formLoaderCloseButton">
       <ice:outputText value="Form Loader v0.2"/>
       <ice:commandButton actionListener="#{formLoader.closeForm}" 
   <f:facet name="body">
     <ice:panelCollapsible binding="#{formLoader.panel}"/>

The panel property is a PanelCollapsible object in my bean that is populated by the processor as follows:

 private PanelCollapsible panel;
 public PanelCollapsible getPanel() {
   panel = new PanelCollapsible();
   HtmlOutputText text = new HtmlOutputText();
   return panel;

Then what happens is a HTTP 500 error pops up with huge stack traces and at the top of the stack trace:
 org.w3c.dom.DOMException: HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: An attempt was made to insert a node where it is not permitted.
 at org.apache.xerces.dom.CoreDocumentImpl.insertBefore(Unknown Source)
 at org.apache.xerces.dom.NodeImpl.appendChild(Unknown Source)
 at com.icesoft.faces.context.DOMContext.setRootNode(DOMContext.java:261)

Does anyone have any advice?
I'm still pretty new to ICEfaces and JSF and was wondering what the binding property is for? I have read the javadoc for the tag and it says that its for bining the tag to a bean property but what kind of property do we put in here and is it possible to build a form in a backing bean using just java code?

I'm guessing that it's possible and would really appreciate some help in this regard.
I would also like to know how this could be done. The popupPanel that I want to make dynamic should be able to display a form instead of just some dynamic text like the showcase.
I have an issue with the stylesheet portion in a portlet. I'm using Liferay 5.1.1 JBoss 4.2.2 and ICEfaces 1.7.1. When I deploy the portlet its working fine but the <ice:outputStyle href="resources/portlet-custom.css"/> file that I'm adding doesn't seem to work.

When I analyzed the page with Firebug and looked at the CSS file with it I just get a message saying that no CSS rules are defined.

Here is the CSS file:
 td.treeColumn {
 td.instanceListerColumn {
 tr.instanceListerRow1 {
 tr.instanceListerRow2 {

Anyone have an idea why this isn't working?
I have an ICEfaces tree running in a portlet application. This tree is built from data retrieved through a web service. I followed the tree tutorial on the ICEfaces site to get the tree up and running but when there is new data for the tree it doesn't show untill I completely redeploy the portlet.

Any advice?

PS: I'm using Liferay 5.1.1 with ICEfaces 1.7.1
I'm no ICEfaces guru but don't you need to add the following to the column tag:

<ice:column style="border:1px solid grey">....</ice:column>

Hope it helps...
Hi Ed,

I have a problem with a panelSeries component. I've embedded it into a panelStack as I have two different panelSeries that need to be displayed depending on the user's selection in the tree. The panelSeries is populated by a webservice that is called in the bean's constructor. The webservice returns a java.util.List object and this is used to add panels to the series. When there is another item added to the list on the other side of the webservice the item doesn't show up in the series?

Any ideas?

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