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Hello there,
What is the easiest way to overwrite the upload method of the inputFile component so that the file is written to a DB. In actual fact I would like to get a new tag inputFileDB. Is there any documentation how to do this?
Your help is appreciated thanks.
Thanks Jack,

Would it help if I'd send you a portlet that ran under 1.5.4? You then only need to look at Icefaces and see what has changed there in order to figure out the configuration. That might make your job a little easier.
Do you have perhaps a working example so that we can try as well with our old 1.5 icefaces portlets. You obviously made some significant changes which need some insight to get them working with 1.6. But there is obviously no documentation just jet.

Thanks for your help.
I meant JBoss Portal 2.6 of course
Well has anyone tried IceFaces 1.6 with JBoss portal 1.6?

I know JBoss is not fully supported yet under 1.6 but I had my portals kind of running under 1.5. Now I wanted to check the bug fixes on 1.6 and noticed that com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.PersistentFacesPortlet does not exist any more.

Hence my question is how to configure my portlets under this environment. I am interested in sample web.xml, portlet.xml and faces-config.xml.

Where is the documentation on how to configure icefaces 1.6.0 portlets?

Is there perhaps an example of a working icefaces 1.6.0 portlet for a JBoss Portal 2.6 environment?

Your help is appreciated.

BTW we had our hopes set on icefaces a while back but portlets weren't fully and still aren't fully supported but we would like to give it another go and perhapse contibute to achieve full JBoss Portal integration.
Two things:

When I change the color to "white" ie color: white; the color of the header does not change. Can you confirm that it stays black?

Secondly what does the apendix _dis refer to?
Do you perhaps have a css example (royale.css)?
Can you point me in the direction for the panelAccordion docs. I am interested in the css options.
What you can do is to put the parameter in the Seam Conversation context of course.

private int selectedId = 0;

public void rowSelection(RowSelectorEvent e)
selectedId = resultList.get(e.getRow()).getId();

FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), null, "edit");

Hello there,

I would like to know how I can pass a parameter in

public void rowSelection(RowSelectorEvent e) {
  FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().getNavigationHandler().handleNavigation(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), null, "details");

I am using a seam Home Object that must taken id input parameter. I have a list of items in a table and when the user clicks on a row it should navigate to the edit page with an id request parameter. BTW i am using jbdl for the pageflow.

I hope you can help! Thanks
What do I do to pass a parameter as well?
Unfortunately we have not solved the problem yet, but according to Philip, Ted from IceFaces is working on the issue. This problem has stopped our project in its tracks and we are developping our application as webapplication in the meantime.

We really have only two options either wait until a solution is available or move away from Icefaces.

Watch this space for a solution.

Good luck.
Well that is an excellent question. The component you are refering to is at http://jroller.com/page/pmuir?entry=dynamicimagecomponent_for_jsf and there is another excellent at AJAX4JSF (mediaOutput) http://webdownload.exadel.com/downloads/ajax4jsf/documentation/tldDoc/.

Am I correct in saying that strait JSF and AJAX4JSF is not compatible with icefaces (unless you use different viewhandlers on different pages with just-ice.jar).

My request is that we get a tutorial that shows how one would convert a strait JSF component such as the dynamic image component on SEAM wiki to a Direct to DOM component (like the basicInputText tutorial).

If you analyse the SEAM wiki dynamic Image Comonent you notice in the PhaseListener that:
 Image image = (Image) obj;
 ServletOutputStream os = response.getOutputStream();

The question is how do you write to the HttpServletResponse an OutputStream in the encodeEnd method of the DOMRenderer or do we have to do it somewhere else all together?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
You need to make a portlet instance from the portlet on the admin page. Alternatively you use the attached portlet-instances.xml file in the WEB-INF directory. I might have included an older style portlet-instances.xml file in the test case. Sorry about that.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
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