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ICEfaces uses the JSF application context. A simple way to run something on application startup is to use an eager application scope bean with a PostConstruct method:

 public class Bean {
     public void init(){...}

You might also want to look into the the Spring PropertyPlaceHolderConfigurer for more general configuration support.


You'll have to elaborate on exactly what you're looking for. ICEfaces is a JSF framework. JSF frameworks are servlet frameworks. JSF frameworks can also integrate with Spring.
ICEfaces is a JSF web framework that does not provide any direct integration to database technologies.
Please post your code, thanks.
There's no jira for the conflict between ICEmobile and the Ace fileEntry specifically because multipart forms is a known constraint when using the ICEmobile library. There is a jira for the fileEntry multipart support however the jira for multipart support in the Ace fileEntry component is here:

Please describe how the scanner is not working. Does the native scanner launch when you click the <mobi:scan> button? Also please note whether you'rve using ICEmobile, ICEmobile-SX, and which server and app version.

I've opened http://jira.icesoft.org/browse/ICE-9647 for this and checked in a fix.

Ok, thanks. But if you could post the rendered HTML for IE8 that would be easier to inspect.
If you would like to post the rendering of the 'incorrect' layout, I can take a look. I think it may have been the case that an extra 'fixviewstate' element that we rendered might have caused some layout differences on IE8, but I believe that we no longer render that in 3.3.0. So I'm surprised you still see the issue with the latest version. In any case, it's likely just a small CSS issue that can be fixed with an extra CSS rule to correctly hide the element on IE8.

The problem is that the Ace DataTable simply doesn't support immediate JSTL expressions in the sort or filter code, as that code evaluates the current ValueExpression at a later stage than the immediate <c:forEach> evaluation when the page is first processed. This will only work if you use a deferred JSF expression, which evaluates an existing JSF bean or var variable.

If you like, you can create an enhancement request in our issue tracker for the DataTable to attempt to use Java class introspection to derive the property names instead of using deferred ValueExpressions.

Where did you get the ICEfaces libraries? The version information can be found in the jars in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. If you're trying to build a JSF 1.2 application then you'll need ICEfaces 1.8. If you're trying to build a JSF 2 application you can use the lastest ICEfaces 3.3.0 version. I'd recommend downloading the latest 3.3.0 bundle and checking out the showcase sample, which has the recommended configuration. You can also find information about migrating from 1.8 to 3 here:


Yes, there is a conflict/dependency here with multipart form support for the fileEntry and mobi:commandButton. The fileEntry is slated to have multipart support in the next release. What features of the mobi:commandButton did you want to use?

There is a ReadMe.html in the root of the project. If you can't follow that I suggest you ask for help from a coworker.
You can compile it yourself. Thanks.
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