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You can use either of these options

1. Have a hidden input element with ValueChangeListiner. Use JavaScript to set the value of the hidden input element which internally calls the Event on the backing bean.

2. Have an Hidden Input button that has ActionEvent or Action and use JQuery trigger() method to call the event on the button.

Hope this workout.
Are you able to run facelets in OC4J 10.1.2? Coz I was not able to get it running on OAS 10.1.2 and I would like to know if you were able to get it running?
In JSF HMTL from elements ID's and Names are generated dynamically so you have to reference in JS using those names.
It is strange!!! it works for us in IE6 & IE7 but we use it little differently we call JS function from the JavascriptContext instead of calling window.open directly.

If your requirement is to simply open a new window then use onclick event instead of using Action or ActionListner.
Last try.
 public String link_action(){
          JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), "window.open('DisplayMasterListItemDetails.faces', '_blank', ''); return false;");
          return null;

Try using Action instead of ActionListiner

 public void linkActionListener(ActionEvent e){
       JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), "window.open('NewWindow.iface', '_blank','')");
Thank for the update and good know.
Glad that It has worked out for you. The better approach is to use prototype js event observer to check if the page is loaded and ICE faces use prototype.

   Event.observe(window, 'load', function(){
     Ice.onSendReceive('document:body', icesubmittest , icereceivetest );
Did you have the Fastinfoset.jar library in your classpath?


I use both Ice.onAsyncronousReceive() and Ice.onSendReceive() in my pages with out issues. Make sure your wait till the page is loaded before the method is executed or initialized.

It is nothing to do with icefaces or JSF. Below is the example

 package com.test.view.listener;
 import javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionEvent;
 import javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener;
 public class AppSessionListener implements HttpSessionListener {
 	public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent arg0) {
 		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
 	public void sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent httpSessionEvent) {
 		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
 		// write your code.....

in web.xml define the listiner class

Implement HttpSesstionListiner and override sessionDestroyed method
We had so many issues with input file. Can you try reloading the Iframe using javascript if the Iframe does not have HMTL FROM.

This is just a work around.
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