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Hello community,

I started to migrate this application http://osretail.de/osRetail/ from netbeans/woodstock to eclipse/icfeaces.

So I need al littel help form the experts.

When is use a query with a join

private List<Akt> akList;

stmt = "SELECT a.status, a.aktId, a.vorlagedatum, a.kurzbez, l.bezeichnung FROM Akt a , Liste l"
+ " WHERE a.status = l.kode "
+ " and l.mandant = ?1 "
+ " and l.art = 'aktstatus' and l.sprache = 'de_DE' ";
query = em.createQuery(stmt);
query.setParameter(1, 999);
List<Akt> rs = query.getResultList();

if (!rs.isEmpty()) {
this.akti = true;
this.akList = rs;

I get a java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “kurzbez“

<ace:column headerText="Bezeichnung" sortBy="#{item.kurzbez}"
filterBy="#{item.kurzbez}" filterMatchMode="contains
<h:outputText value="#{item.kurzbez}" ></h:outputText>

when I call the XMTML.

It works fine when I use a query without a join. Please tell me what is wrong.

Thank you for your help


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