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Hi everyone,

We are having a problem with a panelPositioned used on IE9. On all other browsers, when dragging an element in the panel, it drags and then can be dropped... expected behavior.

When using IE9, instead of dragging the element, it selects the text on it. Impossible to drag and drop, it just selects the text.

Using ICEfaces 1.8.2 with Tomcat.

To make sure it's not a problem with our application, we took component-showcase.war (in ICEfaces-1.8.2-bin.zip) and deployed it on our test server. Same problem. Weird, because it works well in the ICEfaces.org's demo section.

Do you have any hint for us?

Hi there,

Does anyone know why the component-showcase doesn't use the ice:outputStyle tag? It uses <link rel...> instead.

We personally have problems using the outputStyle tag. If we don't create an empty css file for a browser, the AJAX events won't work. For instance, when using

<ice:outputStyle href="/css/myApp.css"/>

we have to create empty files called


for the application to work correctly on those browsers. When we use the traditional <link rel...> tag, it works well without having all those empty files.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Ok problem solved.

A mod_security rule added recently by the server admins was causing the problem. It is weird that it was happening only on drag & drop functionalities and on all browsers except Firefox, but hey, everything seems possible!!


- Kexkey
Hi there,

We've been using ICEfaces for 3 years now, in several projects. Since a few weeks, we're facing a weird problem. I'll try to explain it simple here.

On our production server only (can't reproduce on localhost or dev server), when using one of the following components:

Drag & Drop
Split Pane Panel (panelDivider)
Positioned Panel

the AJAX response of the server is "403 Forbidden" and the Connection Status or wait mouse cursor hangs there when dragging and dropping something. Everything else seems to work great.

I installed the component-showcase to test it. http://leagues.mystolenbases.com/component-showcase/showcase.iface

The problem occurs with Google Chrome, IE and Safari, but *not* with Firefox.

I used DebugBar to sniff the network POST and RESPONSE received (to find the 403 Forbidden message).

I think the only difference between the prod server and the other servers is the Apache httpd running between the client and Tomcat (5.5, btw -- compiled the component-showcase with tomcat5.x target).

Does anyone have any idea, any hint, any suggestion for this problem?

Thank you very much for your help,
- Kexkey

Your problem is clear to me, because I have the exact same problem. A page refresh is triggered based on some boolean value, and if the panelConfirmation was showing when the refresh occurs, it disapears when the refresh is done.

It would be great to be able to display the panelConfirmation on load or something like that.

One solution is I could use Server Push instead of a page refresh, but the system is already coded that way.

The other solution is to use a panelPopup with display management on the backing bean, which I'd like to avoid using the more simple panelConfirmation feature.

Any ideas?

- Kexkey

mikl974 wrote:
I used to use chrome as browser and I thought that I have tested my application with firefox and IE but apparently not sorry for that. I have re-tested it with IE and Firefox and it works!!!

Apparently the bug only occurs with the google browser Chrome.

Can you confirm that?

Thanks for your time.


Same problem here. I confirm.

- Kexkey


loic.salou wrote:
Thanks, I'm really stunned... And my demo is set to be Friday :-(  

Like I already wrote in another thread, I have a similar bug with the dataPaginator with 1.8.0-RC1, but not with 1.8.0-DR2. But I'm not using Liferay...

Try DR2 and I guess you will have to use that version for today Friday...

- Kexkey

loic.salou wrote:
hi, from times to times my ice:datapaginator behaves strangely: when I click on the button "next page" or on a page number or anything else supposed to help me navigating to another page, I don't reach the wished page but another one, sometimes the previous one, sometimes the very first page...

Same problem here! It looks like it is related to dataPaginator, I wasn't sure at first but am sure it happens within datatable. When I navigate through the pages, the data sometimes disapear, sometimes appear.

It seems to happen on all browsers except IE7. It happens since version 1.8.0-RC1... I backtracked to version 1.8.0-DR2 and the problem doesn't show up.

loic.salou wrote:

my config: ice 1.7.1 (or 1.8RC) on Tomcat6 and liferay portal 5.1.2, Jdk6 

Using ICEfaces 1.8.0-RC1 with Tomcat5 and JDK 1.5.

Maybe since http://jira.icefaces.org/browse/ICE-3919

Maybe not.

- Kexkey


I would like to know if it's possible to have a <ice:datatable> with draggable rows, like a panelPositioned?

I'd like to take advantage of the datatable features, such as headers, sortable headers, pagination, etc. but with panelPositioned's draggable features.

I tried using a panelPositioned with a table for each row, but the columns are not aligned. Same for the header.

Any input will be appreciated!


- Kexkey
Wow, I wrote all that to find out, right after, that replacing ui:repeat by ice:panelSeries fixes the problem!

Well... great.

Still... looks like there's a problem with using ice:inputText in ui:repeat.


- Kexkey
Hi there!


I have a panelPositioned. Each line has a List of values, corresponding visually to columns. The number of columns is dynamic, so I use <ui:repeat> to display them. Those columns are inputText fields.


When I move a line, the line moves ok but after the "changed" listener method is called, the content of the <ui:repeat> inputText fields are replaced to their original position.

Simple code example:

Here we go for the jspx:

 <div xmlns:ice="http://www.icesoft.com/icefaces/component"
 <ice:panelPositioned var="testvar" value="#{testBean.testList}"
 	listener="#{testBean.changed}" constraint="vertical">
 	<ice:panelGroup style="cursor:move;">
 	<ice:panelGrid columns="2">
 		<ice:outputText value="#{testvar.outputField}" />
 		<ui:repeat var="input" value="#{testvar.inputFields}">
 			<ice:inputText value="#{input}" />

For the backing bean:

 public class TestBean {
 	private List testList;
 	public TestBean() {
 		testList = new ArrayList();
 		List inputs = new ArrayList();
 		testList.add(new TestList("out1", inputs));
 		inputs = new ArrayList();
 		testList.add(new TestList("out2", inputs));
 		inputs = new ArrayList();
 		testList.add(new TestList("out3", inputs));
 	public List getTestList() {
 		return testList;
 	public void setTestList(List testList) {
 		this.testList = testList;

For the helper class:

 public class TestList {
 	private String outputField;
 	private List inputFields;
 	public TestList(String output, List inputs) {
 		outputField = output;
 		inputFields = inputs;
 	public String getOutputField() {
 		return outputField;
 	public void setOutputField(String outputFieldIn) {
 		outputField = outputFieldIn;
 	public List getInputFields() {
 		return inputFields;
 	public void setInputFields(List inputFieldsIn) {
 		inputFields = inputFieldsIn;

So, what's displayed at first:

 out1	[in1-1]	[in1-2]	[in1-3]	[in1-4]
 out2	[in2-1]	[in2-2]	[in2-3]	[in2-4]
 out3	[in3-1]	[in3-2]	[in3-3]	[in3-4]

and after moving, for instance, line 1 to position 2:

 out2	[in1-1]	[in1-2]	[in1-3]	[in1-4]
 out1	[in2-1]	[in2-2]	[in2-3]	[in2-4]
 out3	[in3-1]	[in3-2]	[in3-3]	[in3-4]

As you can see, the outputText values (out1, out2, out3) have moved right, but the values of the inputText fields in the ui:repeat went back to their original position!

I tried without ui:repeat, and it works correctly. It seems to be related to using the ui:repeat tag.

I am using ICEfaces 1.7.1.

Thanks for the help!

- Kexkey

jacob.alvarez wrote:
Anythin else on using inputFile without server push ?

Hi Jacob,

Still waiting for something new. I am looking at another Upload JSF component (not ICEfaces) as I don't care if it is not AJAX and if it refreshes the screen after the upload.

If anybody has something for us, please let us know.

- Kexkey

philip.breau wrote:
You need to use ajax push to push out an update after the file has been uploaded. Please see the Component Showcase for an example of this.


Hi Philip,

If I don't use the server push feature of ICEfaces, can I display error messages following an upload, or actually refresh the screen?

Please please please tell me I can and give me a hint on how to do it. Here is what I tried with no success :

- <ice:message for="..."/> in the jspx
- redirect in the actionListener method
- dispatch in the actionListener method
- handleNavigation in the actionListener method
- faces-context navigation from the action method
- faces-context navigation with <redirect/> from the action method
- redirect in the action method
- dispatch in the action method
- handleNavigation in the action method

I can't believe it is not possible. If I can do it in PHP, why wouldn't I be able to do it using ICEfaces...

- Kexkey

Hi there!

Something weird. Using Safari, when clicking on a commandButton when using <redirect/> for the navigation rule in the faces-config.xml, and there's the connectionStatus displayed on the page, then: the corresponding action is never called!

But with Firefox and IE it works fine!

And if I remove the ice:outputConnectionStatus from the page, it works with Safari!

It looks like a bug. Has anyone experimented the same problem?

- Kexkey

dancantong wrote:
I'll tell you what I've done.
I have installed an OpenSessionInViewPhaseListener. It consists of a JSF phase listener that opens an Hibernate Session before request phase and closes it after rendering phase. I found it on the web but I don't remember the link, sorry.


Now you can apply transactions to your service layer withouth any problem. 


Well my problem wasn't about the transactions, but the reattachment of dettached objects to the Hibernate session.

By the way, why didn't you use Spring's OpenSessionInViewFilter? In your class comment, you say your class extends that class, but it actually doesn't.

Anyway, glad to see it works!

- Kexkey
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