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The problem might be in setting enctype yourself in the form. ace:fileEntry does that automatically itself.

<h:form enctype="multipart/form-data">
Thank you again, we created this jira to deal with the issue of compat components having this same problem, and found an additional component: OutputStyleRenderer.


As well, to eliminate the possibility of future regressions, and aid in the current audit, we created this automatic testing jira:

Thank you for your very helpful information about this bug. I've captured it in this jira that we will work on immediately:


I have seen jira entries created by our forum members, so it should be possible to create them yourself. But it did help get this to our immediate attention by also posting about it to our forum.
Here's my modified version of your class.
After I added this method to your code, I was able to upload small images of between 100 and 200 bytes in size, and see the print statements for the methods getting called.

public void setInit(Object i) { ... }
setInit 'null'

I'm using Firefox 20, in case the browser is the culprit.
I've done 20+ filters in each of the Chassis and Accel columns, without pressing enter, and it keeps working for me. Using Firefox 20.
This blog post lists the new components, which I can see in the online showcase application that you've linked to.

So you're saying that the page loads and the tabSet is still on the first tabPane, but some property on the dataTable in the second tabPane is getting evaluated, even though it hasn't shown yet? And that's the rendered property, or some other one? I agree that nothing should be getting accessed in the second tabPane for execution or rendering, but there still is state saving happening to the whole component tree, and I believe that some component methods will still get accessed, such as getId(), getClientId(), isRendered(), etc. So the rendered property might be getting accessed from state saving. You could dump a stack trace in your bean getter method, to be sure, and post it here.
Do you have partialSubmit="true" on the ice:selectInputDate component?

What happens if you don't have it in popup mode, does the text field update when you click on a date?
Usually it's because your bean value is initialised to null, and then the form is submitted so the value becomes "", so that's the value change. You could initialise your values to "" to avoid this.
There were problems with disabling/re-enabling tabs while in the process of changing tabs, which were fixed in ICEfaces 3.3, recently. Please ensure you're using that version, and see if your problem persists.
I would add code to log the current phase from the FacesContext in the Date setter methods and the queryConsumption method, to ensure they were happening in the proper sequence. Although nothing in your code looks like it's wrong in that regard.
What exactly is happening in your case? Is the click not happening? Or are you also getting drag or drop notifications? Are they notifications that you can mask out?
You could add the outputLink to each cell in the row. Or use the row selection to initiate the opening of the url.
Here is the jira for this issue:
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