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Hi All,

I have made a research about icefaces. We are considering to use icefaces, but several things are in my mind.

1. On the icefaces.org page there are companies that are using icefaces. On their home pages, nobody is using icefaces.

Does this mean that icefaces are not for public pages?
(they have nasty url-s, all data is send via post, cannot bookmark them, no two step view by default, no books for designing the layout ...)

2. Are there any books for icefaces?

3. I have found out that it is possible to use facelets. But is this a good idea (it you cannot be sure if this project will end up dead in the future )? It is strange that jsf is called advanced technology, but it does not have "two step view" implemented !!!! Even the most poor php frameworks have this technology, essential for web development.

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