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 <h:commandLink action="test2.page?faces-redirect=true"...>

Congratulations you just won a prize! That's an interesting bug. I can reproduce it. It's the combination of using the ace:ajax with the dataTable when it's nested in the ace:panel. I've opened ICE-9067 if you'd like to follow that.

For the time being you might try nesting the dataTable in a different container other than the ace:panel.

I meant try using a navigation event with a redirect on that commandLink. Just to see if the problem has anything to do with the CKEditor loading resources on a partial update.
Well, if IIS isn't correctly proxying the requests, I don't think there's much ICEfaces can do about it. What did MS Support suggest?
It looks like an initialization issue with CKEditor. I see the main js resources loading on first page render, so I assume you have the richTextEntry in your mandatoryResource config. But the js error you're seeing makes me think that the editor's not loading properly. Does the problem go away if you redirect on the Edit link?
Is this 1.8? When you call FacesContext.addMessage() try using the clientId of the invalid component.

Did you have the mandatoryResource config set in your page?

 <icecore:config mandatoryResource="tree"/>
If you'd like to post a simple test case, we can take a look. The code snippet above was intentionally missing the #{} in the expressions right?

Resources have to be loaded in the head, which is not updated on a navigation event that uses ajax or the default JSF forward request. That's why you're redirect fixes the issue. So any components that are not rendered when the page is full refreshed need to listed in the mandatoryResource config.
It looks like the ICEfaces push bridge is shutting down because it thinks there's multiple contexts being used:

Blocking connection cannot be shared among multiple web-contexts

This can only happen when the ice.connection.contextpath cookie value is different from the current context. Could you record the network traffic with something like HTTPFox, which will show the request headers?
Have you tried including the mandatoryResources config on the page to make sure the resources are loaded?

 <icecore:config mandatoryResource="tabSet"/>
I take it that you're requesting *.xhtml or *.faces? Do you see any warnings or errors in the server startup logs? You should see the ICEfaces startup signature like:

5-Mar-2013 9:00:26 AM org.icefaces.impl.renderkit.DOMRenderKit <clinit>
ICEsoft Technologies Inc.
ICEfaces 3.2.0
Build number: 9
Revision: 31934

Make sure you have the icefaces.jar and the icefaces-ace.jar in the lib directory.

Do you have concurrentDOMViews set to true in your web.xml?
Ok, if you could please post a test case showing the problem we can take a look.

Thanks for the test case, I'll take a look and get back to you.
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