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When are you planning to release Netbeans 7.0 plugin for IceFaces 2.0.1?
I was able to solve this case with ice:panelSeries component:
     <ice:panelSeries value="#{bean.selectitems}" varStatus="row">
               <ice:panelGroup styleClass="checkboxGroup">
                       <ice:checkbox for="selectMany" index="#{row.index}"/>

Setting groupPanel style class checkboxGroup width I can make checkboxes in columns.

Thank you very much Arran for helping me with this problem.

Hi Arran,

Thank's for your answer.

Correct me if I'm not right but with ice:checkbox there is need some kind of iteration in jspx (checkbox indexes), because in our case SelectItem[] come dynamic from database? So, can you give me any idea how should I iterate these ice:checkbox elements to jspx ui? Is there tag or something like that which will do the iteration job?

Thank you.

I found that somebody has asked the same feature about two years ago and there is no real answer to question.


Isn't there really any way to do this? I think this kind of features should be component library default features.

We have a ice:selectManyCheckbox components in our pages with about 40 selections in one group. So the problem is that our user interface layout is not very usable if we put all these checkboxes layout to pageDirection or lineDirection.

Is there anyway to get these checkboxes rendered in multiple columns or inside a html div-element or something like that, so the pages layout won't brake?

We are migrating form Woodstock and there was columns attribute in checkboxgroup component, so can we get same results with ICEfaces?

Please somebody answer if you can help with this important issue in our migration project.

Thank you.
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