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I tried different ways to read/write cookies with

 	ExternalContext externalContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();
 	Map<String, Object> cookies = externalContext.getRequestCookieMap();
 	System.out.println("Cookies: " + cookies);
 	RenderRequest request = (RenderRequest)externalContext.getRequest();
 	System.out.println("Cookies: " + request.getCookies());

Suppose that I have a website with a bunch (12 portlets) in the home page and no login feature (stateless website), is there a way to disable the session expiration?

Hi there!

We are facing a performance problem on a live site. We have a cluster of Liferay EE (6.0.11) + ICEFaces EE (1.8.2.GA_P03) with 9 nodes and from time to time one of the nodes gets the load to the top for a long time and the memory usage start to increase until reach 100%, after that the load decrease to 5% average but the server is wrecked since the memory doesn't return to the regular behavior. Attached there is a thread dump got during the process of high load of the CPU. As you can see there is a congestion around the Session management of ICEfaces (around 40% of the threads are waiting in the Session monitor).
Has anybody else faced this before? Should I file a bug?

Alright thank you!
Hi there,

I was checking my logs in Liferay and saw an info like this

INFO  [AssociatedPageViews:82] using com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.portlet.page.NoOpAssociatedPageViews

So I decided to search for a Liferay implementation and found LiferayAssociatedPageViews. Who is using? Is mandatory use it?


Bump! Nobody?

You can found almost all your answers in the great post Load and/or Stress Test of ICEfaces Web Application using jMeter
Hey humppa,

Have you found a fix for this issue? I'm facing the same problem in a 1.8.2.GA_P03 EE version.

Hi again,

I'm facing the follwoing error during portlet render.

 ERROR [Liferay:225] Could not retrieve Portlet object

It is logged from this class Liferay.java

My environment is Liferay EE 6.0.11 and Iceface EE 1.8.2.GA_P03. My pom has configured the edorasframework as below.


It is a random error that I cannot reproduce constantly. Does anyone else has faced it?

Yep Deryk, this is why I'm asking. Is there anything else that I need to configure or check?

Thanks Jack, we are using EPS since we have a license of EE.

I forgot to mention that all urls generate in the html does not point to context /push-server. They all point to my icefaces application, ie /ecommerce-portlet.

Thanks Deryk,

We are trying to get up and running an instance of Push Server to start a new round of stress tests.

Hi there,

I'm struggling with configuration of Push Server and Liferay. My environment is composed by a Portal1 ( which runs also my Icefaces application and a PushServer1 ( I have read this documentation of Push Server but it is weak of samples about how properly configure the web.xml files.

The web.xml of the ifecafes application and push-server are configured as follow Code:

But it's not working! I'm getting this exception at the Push Server Code:
Nov 15, 2011 3:08:27 PM com.icesoft.net.messaging.MessagePipeline publish
 com.icesoft.net.messaging.MessageServiceException: java.io.FileNotFoundException:
 	at com.icesoft.net.messaging.http.HttpAdapter.publish(HttpAdapter.java:345)
 	at com.icesoft.net.messaging.MessagePipeline.publish(MessagePipeline.java:151)
 	at com.icesoft.net.messaging.MessagePipeline.publish(MessagePipeline.java:158)
 	at com.icesoft.net.messaging.MessagePipeline.publish(MessagePipeline.java:158)
 	at com.icesoft.net.messaging.MessagePipeline.publish(MessagePipeline.java:158)

Can someone point me to the right direction? And if possible update the documentation?

I'm having the same issue with Icefaces EE-1.8.2.GA_P03 and Liferay 6.0.11 EE. Nobody has solved this before?
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