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good day....

I need to know about Ice.onAsynchronousReceive() and how to use for handling the show/hide event binded to Ice:panelCollapsible and add a jQuery function to it.

To make the plugin work, this lines help a (inside <script> html tag):

(i assume plugin is added to the page via <script> tag)

 //validate if browser=IE...

but putting this in icefaces it doesnt work.


In other post, i've mencioned about using jQuery plugins to enhance some Icefaces functionalities.

im using a jQuery plugin that solves the issue about "fixed select dropdown
in IE"... but the ice:panelCollapsible component, when expanded, makes my plugin not work... some ideas???
kinda util that page...

im trying to solve a problem with Internet explorer and the cut-off html select tags.
im using a jQuery plugin known as "selecteSizer" to solve it.
the problem is that the ice:selectonemenu has a style class name that im using for selection in jQuery, but some events that icefaces handle, like the expansion of the ice:panelCollapsible, make fail my attemp to solve this...

any way to solve this? im running icefaces with liferay portal.

I need to solve an issue with icefaces and javascript.
i've a popup component with a datatable, whose data is loaded from database.
the datatable's content draws a table with 10.000 rows and a range of 30-50 columns, and performance is very slow when it shows datatable in the popup...

in a web browser (IE, firefox, etc) it shows a message with options to stop or continue script, and a url of the script. in some cases it come from barebone.jsp (with some additional params)...

any ideas for this???

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