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I have created an application that has a polar plot on it and quite a few fields that are updated from a server using Ajax push. To do so I have used ChartCreator and JFreeChart. I can get the chart that I want but it flickers when activating the requestRender method for another component - even though the chart has not been updated. The getter for the chart is called every time one of the Ajax components is re-rendered.

Does anyone have a suggestion about how this can be fixed? I have tested using an outputChart component and it doesn't flicker (and its getter method is not similarly called).

I have a project created to use the VW IceFaces framework of NetBeans 6.5 and I see a problem where the VW page fails to render after reopening the project in Netbeans. I get a "PropertyNotFound" exception reported for any components that have a data binding back to the SessionBean. This is very confusing because the page had been working fine and then when NetBeans is required to reload it (either after reopening the project or even after reopening the JSP file) it fails with this exception. Clicking on the "Bind to Data..." menu item fails to list the SessionBean (and its attributes) under the list of available binding targets.

The only way I have found to recover the situation is to remove all the binding variables from the SessionBean and add them back one by one. Of course this is not a sustainable development process! What is happening to the SessionBean?

Help appreciated :)
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