123D Augmented Reality?

One of the missing pieces in developing Augmented Reality applications is the creation of the objects themselves. Autodesk has released 123D Creature, a creature editor for the iPad. According to the specifications, it is capable of .OBJ file export, precisely the input file type supported by ICEmobile-SX. (And, it’s on sale at an introductory price of $1.99.)

It should be possible to bring the creatures created by this app into augmented reality — the OBJ file format is complex and has evolved over time, so the output may not be immediately compatible — but this is the same as the issue solved in ICEmobile with server-side video conversion (some devices are even unable to play the video that they capture, but are fine once the video is converted to a minimal MPEG4 profile). Blender allows tremendous control over 3D object creation, but it requires a lot of expertise and even mathematical background to use properly. The combination of 123D Creature and ICEmobile could make Augmented Reality very easy to create. (It’s time to stop writing this blog post and try it out.)

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