Augmented Reality Farming

Augmented Reality can be applied to nearly any “field”, including a farmer’s field. In this case we make use of the toggle elements in ICEmobile Augmented Reality Forms to provide two different views of the geomatics data.

This allows a three dimensional visualization to be displayed on a topographic map showing three different data sets: the altitude (represented naturally by the height of the model), the expected crop yield (represented by the color of the model in one view), and the actual crop yield (represented by the color of the model in the toggled view).

The images were adapted from Farmer’s Edge Geospatial Yield Mapping.

The benefit of this is that it is very easy to implement: the model data can be generated server-side from a database and associated with the AR target. Then the farmer logs in from his kitchen table and can view the data without making use of specialized 3D software. Working with an AR model is more like working with a physical object, so is more effective for communication and more likely to be used.

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