ICEfaces 3.1 Released

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the release of ICEfaces 3.1!

ICEfaces 3.1 is an official feature release featuring 26 new features, 55 improvements, and over 140 fixes.

Key Features

New ACE Components!
  • ace:autoCompleteEntry
  • ace:chart
  • ace:list and ace:listControl
  • ace:menuSeparator
  • ace:multiColumnMenu
  • ace:richTextEntry
  • ace:textAreaEntry
  • ace:textEntry
  • New text entry component features:
    • Integrated label rendering, including Inplace/InField labels and left/right/top/bottom label positions.
    • Integrated required/optional label indicators and positioning (ex. render a “*” or “(Required)” string next to the component or component label).
    • Required/optional CSS style classes for style-based required or optional status indication (ex. change background colour for required input components).
    • Built-in support for Theme-Roller based style classes for components in Error/Invalid validation status (ex. highlight invalid components with red borders).
New ICECORE Components & Tags
  • icecore:navigationNotifier
  • icecore:redirect
  • icecore:refresh
  •  icecore:setEventPhase
Other Improvements 
  • Liferay Faces Bridge support
  • Improved Maven support
  • Configurable Minification/Compression of JavaScript Resources
  • Updated ICEfaces Showcase sample application

Release Notes
See the Release Notes for details:

ICEfaces 3.1 is available for download in the following formats:

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