ICEfaces 4.0 Final Released!

The ICEfaces 4.0 final release is now available!

Release Highlights  (final stats)

  • 25 new integrated ICEfaces Mobile Components (MOBI), including Native device support via BridgeIt.
  • 9 new, and 30 enhanced ACE Components.
  • 4 new ICECORE components, with additional JavaScript APIs for ICEfaces bridge features.
  • Targets (and requires) JSF 2.2, and supports features such as HTML5 pass-through attributes, f:ajax reset, etc.
  • Enhanced ICEpush library, now supports Cloud-Push capabilities.
  • Use of the Mandatory Resource Configuration scheme for dynamically loaded components no longer required.
  • Extensive updates to the ICEfaces Showcase sample application, including new ICECORE and Mobile Components demos.
  • Over 300 bugs fixed!


The legacy ICE (Compat) components have  not been brought forward into the 4.0 release. Most of these components rely on an earlier ICEfaces Direct-to-DOM rendering technique that isn’t compatible with many newer JSF features, such as partial-page rendering (f:ajax). Rather than invest the engineering resources to bring these up to spec for JSF 2.2, we decided to focus our energies on further evolving the newer ACE and MOBI components. Existing applications that use those components will need to be migrated to use the ACE and/or MOBI components.

See the ICEfaces 3-to-4 Migration Guide for details.



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