ICEfaces Roadmap Update

As we approach the end of 2012 I wanted to provide a quick overview of the near-term ICEfaces release roadmap. Of course, there are some very exciting ICEmobile and ICEpdf releases coming soon as well, but I’ll limit this post to ICEfaces.

  • ICEfaces EE 1.8.2.GA_P05 will shipping in the next day or two. This is the 5th maintenance patch in support of our ICEfaces Enterprise Edition customers on the ICEfaces 1.8 / JSF 1.x platform.
  • ICEfaces EE 3.2 is planned for mid-January, with possibly a preview release prior to the end of December. This release will bring all the new components and capabilities of the recent ICEfaces 3.1 and 3.2 open-source releases into the Enterprise Edition fold. In addition, there will be many stabilizing bug-fixes, some improved ARIA-accessiblity features in the ACE components, and a new industry-leading ace:dataTable “column-freezing” feature included in this release (not available in the open-source 3.2 release).
  • ICEfaces 3.3 is currently under development and is planned for release in mid-to-late Q1, 2013. 3.3 is focused on the following:
    • Resource optimization – Looking at ways to reduce the size and number of resources required by ICEfaces at runtime. We are looking at a way of dynamically generating resource files for JS, CSS that would provide a single file of each type for each “page” in an application. This would reduce initial page load times significantly and should reduce the total amount of data sent to the browser, thus lower network bandwidth utilization.
    • ACE component scalability – Profiling and optimizing the ACE components for use in large dataTable, ui:repeat situations where each millis of Javascript execution time can add up quickly to be debilitating to the application responsiveness. Our goal is to have the most scalable rich components available.
    • New ACE components – Looking at new select components, some other simpler miscellaneous components that are handy to have around, and multiple file-upload. If you have a favourite component you’d like to see added to the ACE components set, let us know on the forums.
    • JSF 2.2 support – we’ve been doing ongoing testing with the JSF 2.2 milestone releases and reporting issues back to Mojarra as we find them. We plan to further solidify our JSF 2.2 support in the 3.3 release.

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