ICEpdf 5.0 Roadmap

We are making good progress with the upcoming ICEpdf 5.0 release. Here is a quick overview of the near-term ICEpdf 5 release roadmap.


Here are some of the new features you can expect to see with each of the following releases.

ICEpdf 5.0 Open Source

  • Layers
  • Annotation (Read Only)
  • Imaging Engine Upgrade (Perf. Imp.)
  • Muti-threading
  • 20+ Bug fixes & Enhancements


Target Release Date: End of February

ICEpdf 5.0 Pro

  • Font Engine Upgrade for True Type Font Support
  • New Content Parsing Engine (>10X acceleration in rendering times)
  • Annotation (Create, Edit, Write).
  • Annotation Editor RI

Target Release Date: Mid March

ICEpdf 5.1 Pro

  • Forms Support
  • Digital Signature Support

Target Release Date: Q2 2013

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