Mobile Platform Interoperability? …. Not Without ICEmobile!

Have you ever tried to take a video on your iPhone and send it to a friend for them to view on their Blackberry?  Or have you ever made a recording on your Android device and tried to get an associate to play it on their Blackberry or iPhone?

Good Luck!  While iPhones can talk to iPhones and Android phones can interoperate with other Android phones pretty well that is about where it ends.  Multi-media file sharing across platforms is “hit and miss” at best.  And multi-media interoperability is just the tip of the iceberg.  Cross platform interoperability deficiencies also extend to user notification services and push technologies commonly used today in desktop applications.

User notifications can be delivered in a variety of different ways including on-screen indicators, audible sounds or device vibrations.  They typically are used to alert users to a change in status of an application such as receipt of a text message, an application update etc.  While the concept of receiving and sending user notifications is universal across the major mobile device platforms each has their own unique infrastructure and mechanisms to handle them.   Apple iPhones utilize the Apple Push Notification Service while Android and Blackberry use the Android Cloud to Device Messaging Service and the Blackberry Push Service respectively.

The challenge faced by application developers is to figure out how to initiate a content or state “push event” (such as a bid update notification on a on-line auction site), from one platform to another.  Managing this at the application level can be an extraordinarily complex task.  Unfortunately until this issue can be resolved, development of collaborative multi-user styled applications capable of working cross-platform may have to wait.

Fortunately ICEmobile can provide assistance in these areas.  ICEmobile provides application developers the mechanisms to automatically deal with conflicting multi-media formats and resolves the issue of cross-platform interoperability.   On the cross platform user notification front, ICEmobile offers Cloud Push.    Cloud push allows applications to deliver real time notifications to mobile devices across platforms.  It unifies the platform specific mechanisms and infrastructure and makes them accessible under a common API interface available to the application.  ICEmobile’s Cloud Push technology also detects when clients to the application go inactive and it can employ an alternative signaling mechanism to alert the user to an incoming change of state, optionally storing them up in a sequential manner so the user can deal with them in an effective manner.

ICEmobile provides a real opportunity for application developers to deliver next generation real-time collaborative applications into a multi-platform mobile environment.  For more information check out

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