The Future of BridgeIt

When first released, BridgeIt was intended as a vehicle through which web-based applications could easily access native device features such as camera and microphone; features which were historically only accessible via downloaded native apps.   A lot has changed since then, both in terms of HTML5 capabilities and in ICEsoft’s own product roadmap plans.

After much review and consultation with our user base and clients, we wish to announce the planned termination of the current incarnation of the BridgeIt project, effective immediately.  As originally conceived, BridgeIt was comprised of a number of native feature interfaces.  Since its inception however, we have seen HTML5 undergo a powerful evolution, to the point where it is now capable of supplanting a number of the original BridgeIt features .  The HTML5 camera functionality is now every bit as robust and accessible as the original BridgeIt capabilities, reducing or eliminating the value of BridgeIt to certain classes of web applications.

Internally ICEsoft has released its latest product, Voyent ( , a smart notification platform for enterprise.  A major, soon to be released component of the Voyent roadmap is a new client side utility capable of integrating client-based context with Voyent’s reactive processing engine.  This new Voyent client will incorporate a number of the original BridgeIt features not reproducible through current HTML5 technology.  These include features such as cloud push notifications, advanced location interactions and scanner capabilities.  Between the new Voyent client and recent advances in HTML5, we are confident that the majority of BridgeIt’s most popular and powerful features will remain accessible.

Going forward, ICEsoft’s development  and support efforts related to the BridgeIt client will cease and focus will shift towards provisioning of the Voyent platform.  In order to streamline support, BridgeIt related features will also be deprecated from the ICEfaces platform (ICEfaces 4.2.X onwards).  ICEfaces users will be able to re-access a number of these features such as Cloud Push once the new Voyent client becomes available.  We regret any inconvenience this transition might cause our user base, but we are confident that the new Voyent platform  will ultimately provide a more robust and feature rich solution to our users.


Brian McKinney

President, ICEsoft Technologies

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