ICEpdf is moving to Java 8! Are you still using Java 5?

The sixty-four-million-dollar question we ask today is why are you still using Java 5?  Perhaps you lost the root password to your development box?  Or you like your applications slow and insecure?  But seriously folks, Java 5 gained end of life status way back in 2009, that’s two presidential terms ago, most people don’t hold on to their cars that long!

The ICEpdf development team is currently heads down reworking our imaging pipeline and moving to a pure ImageIO implementation.  This will speed up image processing, simplify our code base, and hopefully fix some long-standing issues.  Because of this development work it looks like we will be moving our code base forward and supporting Java language level 8.

image001Moving to Java 8 is going to be a big deal for a lot of our customers.  For the few unfortunate clients that can’t update, don’t worry as we will offer support packages for Java 5 through 7.

To help back up our decision to move to Java 8, we present to you some benchmarks we have completed with our current ICEpdf 6.2.1 code base.  This test consisted of running our capture example on a two thousand document test suite.   We captured a maximum of three pages per document using two threads per document capture.  The test was executed five times each on JRE 5 and JRE 8 and the results were nothing short of amazing!  By simply running the same code on Java 8 vs. Java 5 the test execution time was reduced by almost 1/3!   So, we ask again, why aren’t you running JDK 8?

Community feedback is extremely import to us.  Please take a couple minutes and fill our ICEpdf survey and let us know what you think.

ICEpdf Development Team

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