Why Upgrade from ICEfaces 1.8 to ICEfaces 3.2?

From time to time we have customers ask us why they should consider upgrading their application from running on ICEfaces version 1.8 to version 3.2.  They are curious as to what the differences and added benefits are between the two major release platforms.  I thought it might be worth trying to summarize the differences here:

  • 350 New Features and Enhancements: In addition to the numerous Jira fixes, ICEfaces 3.2 offers over 350 additional new programming features and enhancements not available in ICEfaces 1.8, including the addition of the new ACE component library, and our new Accessibility Component offerings. You can design faster and more featured applications in less time with ICEfaces 3.2 than with any other prior release.
  • Up to 5X Faster Performance: In developing ICEfaces 3.2, we worked closely with a number of key customers to optimize performance and rendering times.  This is especially true of our most sophisticated and commonly used components such as data tables and tab sets.  Most users will realize rendering times up to 5 times faster than on 1.8 with even greater performance improvements realized on older vintage browsers.
  • Java Server Faces 2.X: ICEfaces 3.2 supports Java Server Faces 2.X.  ICEfaces 1.8 does not.  If your environment is upgrading to JSF 2 you are going to have to upgrade your ICEfaces version to 3.X in order to run your applications.
  • Latest 3rd Party Software Integrations: ICEfaces 3.2 allows you to integrate with and run on the latest 3rd party technology platforms such as WebLogic 11G/12c, GlassFish 3.1 or WebSphere 8.  ICEfaces 1.8 does not.
  • Its Easy to Upgrade!:  In developing our ICEfaces 3.X platform a great deal of effort was put into minimizing upgrade costs to our users.  The 1.8 component libraries have equivalents in the 3.X platforms meaning you won’t have to swap our or upgrade components or undertake major page redesigns unless you want to.  Depending on the nature of your application and what specific JSF 1.X features you have implemented there may be some minor coding changes required, but we can certainly help you with that.

There is a lot more power and capability under the hood in our 3.2 release than in any prior release.  It is well worth the time and effort to check it out.  If you have any questions or require assistance with your migration, you can contact us on the forums, through your support or sales rep, or via the Contact Us forms on our website.

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