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Executive Team

Brian McKinney, President & CEO

Brian McKinney, President & CEO of ICEsoft Technologies Inc., founded ICEsoft Technologies Inc. in December 2001. He is a leading entrepreneur and executive whose focus is on the development of enterprise level software. Prior to ICEsoft Brian co-founded AudeSi Technologies Inc. along with Steve Maryka. AudeSi, which developed Java-based management solutions for embedded devices was sold to Wind River Systems in March of 2000. Prior AudeSi, Brian was responsible for Nortel Networks Consumer Product development initiatives. During his time at Nortel Mr. McKinney oversaw the development and commercialization of over 60 consumer products. Mr. McKinney holds a BSc. in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Victoria and an M.ASc, in Engineering from the same institution.

Steve Maryka, CTO

Steve Maryka, Chief Technical Officer at ICEsoft Technologies, spearheads ICEsoft's technology and product vision towards a Service-Oriented Architecture. With Brian McKinney, Steve co-founded AudeSi Technologies where he served as its VP Technology and led Java tool development for Internet appliances. After Wind River's acquisition of AudeSi, Steve served as a Principal Technologist for Wind River, working on embedded Java, device management, and high availability technologies. Prior to AudeSi, Steve was president of Jade Solutions, which developed software products for the modeling and simulation of telecommunications networks. During his time at Jade, Steve engaged with Nortel Networks as the chief software architect for the world's first commercial embedded Java telephone. Steve has a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Victoria.

Emmett E. Mitchell, CFO

Before his tenure on the ICEsoft team, Emmett Mitchell worked for 12 years in the financial securities industry, primarily in corporate finance and investment banking. He was the Chairman and CEO of Paradise Valley Securities, an Arizona-based investment banking firm and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) broker-dealer. There, Emmett raised over $160M in capital through public offerings and private placements. Prior to Paradise Valley, he served as Vice President of Administration and as Secretary-Treasurer of Executone Information Systems, Inc and CFO of Vodavi Technology Corporation. Emmett served on the Board of Vodavi Technology, Inc. until its sale in December 2006. He was also a Director of Reno Air, until its sale to AMR. He holds a BA from Westminster College and an MA from Bowling Green State University. Emmett is a certified public accountant (CPA) and holds NASD Series 7, 24, 27 and 63 licenses.

Wilbur Turner, VP Sales and Customer Support

Wilbur Turner heads up ICEsoft’s worldwide sales and customer support. Prior to joining ICEsoft he was a senior management consultant providing a wide range of information technology related services and sales consulting for enterprises including Canadian Pacific Railway, EDS, and TELUS. Wilbur has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field, including five years heading banking system support for the Alberta Credit Union system and has served on the global Advisory Board of the Help Desk Institute. His educational background is in systems analysis and computer science.

Ken Fyten, VP Product Development

Ken Fyten has lead the ICEsoft product development team through more than 25 significant product releases since 2007. Ken has over 20 years experience in software development leadership, encompassing both open-source and commercial products, and including domains such as Java Enterprise middleware, Embedded Java for consumer devices, and Oil and Gas applications. Prior to joining ICEsoft in 2002 Ken was responsible for embedded device content management systems at Wind River Systems, and AudeSi Technologies. In the 1990s, Ken successfully developed software for the Oil and Gas industry. Ken has a Computer Technology Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary.