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Read what our users have to say about ICEsoft enterprise-grade products and services.

John Neyland | Development Engineer | BNSF

"We received the highest ratings our team has seen for last week’s ICEFaces class. Philip did an excellent job presenting and explaining the materials. He maintained everyone’s attention all 5 days and fuelled their interest with JSF and ICEFaces. We will be reviewing the need for another future class… I was told repeatedly “this was the best class I have attend”."

Paolo Ucchino | Software Engineer | BNC S.p.A.

"The framework is phenomenal and beats all others I have tested and the presence of the client makes a product which is undoubtedly the most competitive around! Very good"

Alex Semenov | CTO, CIO, Chief Architect | Fancy Data Systems Inc.

"Been working on agile Java RAD RIA tool for a while. Was looking for a nice PDF viewer to support PDF content in generated apps - and here we are: 30 minutes all it took to make Datalator and ICEpdf work together! Thank you ICEsoft! "

David Braig | Director | Geospatial Technologies

"Performance, performance, performance! We found that ICEfaces far exceeded other options especially in the portal environment we are using."

Wendy Bossons | Senior Software Engineer | Harvard University IQSS

"The ICEfaces components are professional looking, easier to use than other frameworks, and allowed us to implement rich Ajax features across our entire site within a relatively short period of time. Additionally, the ability to push out data to the application was a key factor."

Michelle Cannon |

"I always said the greatest strength of icefaces is not its components but its api. I have never seen a jsf component api which is so easy and fun to code in. Again, nice work icefaces."

Andre Bickford | SofTrek Corporation

"I can whole-heartedly recommend ICEFaces to you. We spent (wasted) a year using Oracle ADF trying to implement our application, but when it went to beta our customers largely rejected the app because of its inflexibility and lack of features. We wiped the slate clean and re-implemented our app using ICEFaces, and our customers are falling over themselves signing up for our beta program... I can absolutely say that their support has been vital to our implementation. We've submitted countless support requests to them for everything from clarification of documentation, potential bugs, best practice implementations, and deployment questions. I cannot say enough about how outstanding their support team has been in helping us see our product through to this stage."

Blogger | Red-3 | ICEfaces is J2EE AJAX 'done right'.

"I'm personally rooting for ICEFaces, who have made a fair bit of progress in the year since they Open-Sourced their JSF AJAX framework. ICEfaces is J2EE AJAX 'done right'."

Blogger | Luxbot

"These guys have many projects going on with Ajax and I must concur they are a very interesting add to anyones web dev cookbook. Seriously, If you are not familiar with ICEfaces I urge you to give them a try! Seriously, DON'T TURN TO THE DARKSIDE LUKE...OOPS...That was a movie...I mean check them out!"

Christophe Taverne | Project Manager | Ontomantics

"ICEfaces allowed us to add incredible Ajax richness to the Ontomantics framework and authored applications while significantly reducing our development schedule. This allowed the development team to focus on core technology and product features instead of misappropriating our Java development resources towards low-level JavaScript coding."

Wayne Parrott | VP Product Development | Genuitec

"This strategic partnership utilizing the ICEfaces functionality will allow us to satisfy the growing demand for Ajax applications," said. We look forward to working with the ICEfaces team to provide MyEclipse users with the most advanced Ajax IDE capabilities available."

Daniel Messer | Linux Networx

"I'd like to let you know how much we appreciate Philip's help. I can't thank him enough for the great work he's doing. Your group offers the best tech support I've experienced so far and you're definitely setting the new standard of technical support. Keep up the outstanding work."

Eric M. Kozokas | Senior Developer | AdminServer

"Our relationship has met all of our expectations. It has been a pleasure working with ICEsoft. Your staff is intelligent, friendly, and flexible. Philip Breau, Patrick Corless, and Tyler Johnson have all been invaluable to our project. They all seem to have an in-depth knowledge of your product. They have adapted well to our development methodology as well. We have been impressed with how ready they were to jump into our design and even our code. When Patrick and Philip were on site they never hesitated to offer advice and guidance. We have no doubt they helped us avoid design flaws by working with us closely from the beginning. Philip has made time repeatedly for conference calls and webex code walk-throughs. We appreciate all of the effort they have put into supporting our team."

Maxime Turner | System Architect | C3 Solutions

"After having evaluated a number of prominent Ajax technologies we settled on ICEfaces as the only viable solution for our problem. The richness of the component library met our needs, and the server centric nature of the product integrated well with our existing J2EE infrastructure. We were able to achieve in days what previously took weeks to accomplish using low-level JavaScript programming. The key deciding factor for us, however, was the ability of ICEfaces to support both desktop and mobile environments."

Brian Chan | Chief Software | Architect

"ICEfaces technology raises the bar for creating intuitive and usable portal user interfaces. We specifically integrated with ICEfaces because they are the best at what they do and will have the highest impact on both the user and the developer experience."

Tom Stamm | Staff Engineer | BEA Systems

"ICEsoft's ICEfaces framework provides a way to Ajax-enable standard JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications without writing custom client-side Javascript code. This is a short introduction to using the ICEfaces tooling add-on for BEA Workshop for WebLogic. "

Gavin King | Project Lead for JBoss Seam | JBoss a division of Red Hat

"The integration of Seam and ICEfaces validates the strength of the Seam ecosystem and underscores our commitment to developer choice and productivity by supporting multiple Ajax technologies within Seam. With ICEfaces 1.6, developers can transparently add Ajax to their Seam applications and benefit from the collaboration capabilities of Ajax Push and the productivity gains of auto-generating ICEfaces + Seam applications with SeamGen."

Kenedy Araujo | R&D Manager | net-linx

"Our biggest challenge was to create a rich internet application inte-grated with our core Java EE based product. Without the right tools it would have taken much more time and effort. We chose ICEfaces because of its architecture and the technology it uses, and also because it is supported by many respected players in the industry. The costs involved were also a decisive factor. "

Bill Roth | Vice President | BEA Workshop

"ICEfaces' server-side integration can help support the rapid development and deployment of a new breed of rich applications. When the integration project is complete, it will provide a new way for users of BEA Workshop Studio and BEA WebLogic Server to quickly create and deploy rich enterprise Web applications using the same BEA products they already know, thereby potentially dramatically shortening the learning curve."

Ed Burns | Sun Microsystems

"ICEsoft was in the dynamic Web business for years before any of the hype around Ajax and Web 2.0 first hit the blogosphere," said Ed Burns, a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. "ICEfaces is a clear demonstration of the power of combining solid Web expertise with the flexibility of the JavaServer Faces specification. With the ICEfaces product being released into open source, and ICEsoft's membership in the Java Community Process, JSF 2.0 will only stand to benefit. I welcome the release of ICEfaces into open source. I'm very hopeful that many of the great ideas in ICEfaces will positively influence and accelerate the development of JSF 2.0."

World's coolest Ajax JSF | Framework Rick Ross | Javalobby

"It is a great pleasure to share the news that ICEfaces has been released as open source today under the Mozilla Public License. Over the past couple of years I have learned that if I see an ICEsoft booth at a trade show or conference, then I am going to see something amazing and innovative. It's that simple - these guys are geniuses right up there with the very best. Now their tools are completely free and open source under MPL."

Rob Cluett |

"I have been waiting for an open source push technology. The more I dove into AJAX the more I realized it was not a perfect fit for updating changing content on a page. This is the Holy Grail and now it's open source! Kudos to ICESoft! Can't wait to see all that comes of it."

Rich Seeley |

"The server side approach not only frees the enterprise developer from needing to become a scripting expert, it also takes the weight of the Ajax application off the Web client and puts it on the server, the CTO explains. ICEfaces extends JavaServer Faces (JSF) and employs Dynamic HTML (DHTML), a pre-Ajax standard for rich user interfaces that dates back to the late 1990s. ICEsoft has dubbed its approach, which requires no client side plug-ins, "thin client Ajax."

Rick Ross | Javalobby

"You have to see what ICEsoft has done to appreciate it. Before you dive into all the technical details about ICEfaces, do yourself a favor and just check out their demos. I have watched these guys construct an application with ICEfaces, and I can say without a doubt that they make some of the hardest stuff easy. Their "Direct-to-DOM" approach frees you from having to poll your server for state changes in the server-side components, and they do a great job of showing how this can make you whole web application feel richer and more responsive. JavaServer Faces has gotten a reputation for having a steep learning curve, but ICEfaces may be the much-needed equalizer for the perceived complexity of JSF. Since it is a JSF RenderKit at its core, you can enjoy lots of benefits by using ICEfaces in existing JSF solutions with very little additional code."

Jason Bloomberg | Zapthink

"The Enterprise Edition is their 'coming out' party," Bloomberg said. "Their Ajax technology is based on Java Server Faces, which is an interesting twist on this." Unlike other Ajax frameworks, ICEfaces enables rich Web application features to be developed in pure Java, and in a pure thin-client model. There are no applets or proprietary browser plug-ins required, and ICEfaces applications are rendered as JSF applications."

Ron Schmelzer | Senior Analyst at ZapThink

"ICEfaces is really breaking the mold for what AJAX applications can truly mean for the enterpriseFor most companies today, AJAX represents a hodgepodge of scripts and widgets that require the developer to know too much about how the client operates, and has very little maintainability and predictability as the quantity of AJAX explodes on the client. ICEsoft faces this challenge head on by thinking first about the needs of building rich applications in the context of existing client-side heterogeneity."

Greg Griffing | Avaya

"Again I personally am very enthusiastic about ICEfaces and have extensive experience with other competing products and find I prefer ICEfaces over them (e.g. Oracle ADF, Nextapp's Echo2, and Lazlo). I have developed applications using these three toolkits so I understand, at a rubber meets the road level, what they can do and their limitations. I've also toyed with AjaxAnywhere, DWR, and a few others which I don't recall their names."

Startups Board the AJAX Bandwagon | Clint Boulton

"ZapThink analyst Ronald Schmelzer said Web developers don't want to limit themselves to building Internet Explorer-only applications, so the move to AJAX and products like ICEfaces signals a movement toward more widely accepted non-Microsoft technologies for rich browsers. So ICEsoft has a shot at doing something different if it can get momentum. Google is already there, with Microsoft on the way, according to Forrester Research analyst Carl Zetie."

ICEfaces Offers a Novel, Pure Java Approach | Laurence Moroney

"If you've ever built JSF applications you'll love ICEfaces. It integrates cleanly with the framework, is straightforward to use, and lets you add levels of GUI sophistication that were previously available in a thin client. If you've never used JSF, there is likely to be a bit of a learning curve, but it is certainly a worthwhile undertaking if you have the requirement to deliver rich, thin clients."

The coolest thing I have seen at JavaOne 2005 | Rick Ross | Javalobby

"The coolest thing I have seen at JavaOne 2005 is ICEfaces from ICEsoft. This product is a standard extension to JavaServer Faces that provides rich user interaction without the hassle of most of the AJAX kits I have seen. They have taken a really intriguing approach by injecting changes directly into the DOM tree structure of your web page, which pretty much allows them to isolate you from the need to do a lot of Javascript programming."