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How to Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to an ICEsoft open source project:

Become an ICEsoft Contributor

To become and ICEsoft contributor you must complete the ICEsoft Contributors Agreement. It is only necessary to complete the agreement once. Follow these steps to apply for Contributor status:

  1. Print out, review, and sign the Contributors Agreement.
  2. Fax it to 1 (403) 663-3320 or email it to
  3. The ICEsoft contributions administrator will review your agreement and grant you contributor status via your user account. You will receive a confirmation email once your contributor status has been granted.
  4. Contributions that have been accepted will be credited with your name in the source code files. You can choose to contribute anonymously through your account settings under 'My Account'.

Submit a Contribution

Follow these steps to submit a contribution to ICEsoft:

  1. Ensure that you have ICEsoft contributor status (see above).
  2. If possible ensure that all code to be submitted is based on and tested against the latest version or software in the related SVN repository. Alternatively, code changes made against the most recent official release will also be accepted.
  3. Please submit any code contributions as a unidiff format .patch file (use "diff -u" or the default output from "svn diff"). If your patch file is longer than 5 lines of changes, turn it into a zip or tar file. Otherwise, you can simply include it in your mail message.
  4. Attach your contribution (patch or other files) to a JIRA case (previously existing or newly created if none already exists for the issue/feature). Be sure to include the following:
    • A description of the contribution, what it fixes, adds, changes, etc.
    • The contribution files attached as a .zip or .tar archive.
    Note that all contributions must be attached to the JIRA using the same user account specified in the Contributor's Agreement that was previously submitted, or they will be rejected.
  5. Email indicating your account name and the JIRA case number that you have made a contribution to.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email that your contribution has been received.
  7. If the contribution is accepted, an ICEsoft member with commit privileges will check the contribution in and notify you that your contribution has been committed.

The accepted contribution will be available within 24 hours on the public SVN, and in the next bundle release of the relevant product branch.