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ICEfaces Demos

ICEfaces Showcase

The ICEfaces Component Suite includes enhanced implementations of the JSF standard components and additional custom components that fully leverage the ICEfaces Direct-to-DOM rendering technology and provide additional ICEfaces-specific features, such as automated partial submit, incremental page updates, and easily configurable component look-and-feel.

EE Component Showcases

The Showcase demos below are provided for documentation and reference purposes for our ICEfaces EE customers.

Auction Monitor

The Auction Monitor simulates the tracking of live auctions and illustrates the following dynamic web application features; ticking clocks, real-time bid updates, dynamically rendered buttons, the ability to hide and show table rows on demand, and an integrated chat section.


WebMC is a basic web conferencing system that allows participants to share PowerPoint presentations over the web. WebMC uses ICEfaces built in Ajax-Push capabilities to deliver a collaborative web-based PowerPoint sharing experience.