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ICEsoft’s ICEbrowser Integrated into Openet’s FusionWorks ActiveRate™
The leading Telecom rating software employs leading Java browser as its rendering engine

CALGARY, Alberta May 16, 2005 — ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Java browser and Web access software, today announced that Openet Telecom has incorporated ICEbrowser® SDK into FusionWorks ActiveRate™ . ActiveRate™ is a software application that allows network operators to price and rate next generation services in real-time across a range of subscribers and diverse networks.

ActiveRate collects events directly from network and service elements, or from other OSS components, and prices them based on the information in the event record and environmental reference points. In this application, ICEbrowser is used as the primary rendering engine assimilating and displaying all billing results. The ICEsoft solution allows Openet to seamlessly support a range of customer client platforms, as well as provide an effective upgrade path as the application and the customer network evolve.

Openet Telecom is a world-leading provider of real-time revenue generating solutions that enable network operators to maximize the profitability of their networks and services. The FusionWorks family of software products enables network operators with diverse networks to easily implement, manage, charge and bill sophisticated services, leading to enhanced profitability and quality of service.

“We evaluated a number of client rendering alternatives, and ICEbrowser was by far the most versatile,” said Gerard Curtin, VP of engineeringat Openet. “The technology effectively renders content from a broad range sources allowing us to focus on our core application.”

When usage events are priced or rated via ActiveRate, ICEbrowser allows users to display and format billing results for input into post processing business applications or for real-time display to clients. In this capacity, ICEbrowser acts as the principle user interface between the application and the customer. 

“After studying all of our options, it was clear that ICEsoft offered the most effective open standards product,” said Curtin. “We have just scratched the surface of the robust thick client/thin client integration that this product gives us.”

“FusionWorks ActiveRate delivers unrivalled versatility in real-time revenue data that allows network operators to maximize their business potential.” said Robert Lepack, VP of marketing, ICEsoft Technologies. “Openet is clearly an industry leader and we are pleased that they have chosen ICEsoft Technologies as a technology vendor of choice.”

About Openet Telecom

Openet is a world-leading provider of real-time revenue generating solutions that enable network operators to maximize the profitability of their network and services.  Established in 1999, Openet has headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and offices in Reston VA, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, São Paulo, San Francisco and Singapore. Openet Telecom has signed customers that include Verizon Wireless, British Telecom, Cingular Wireless, Orange Group and Telecom Italia Mobile.  For more information, go to

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ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software for enterprise applications, embedded systems and Web services. ICEsoft and its ICEreader and ICEbrowser brands are well known in the Java development community with an installed base of more than 10 million units in operation, with customers in over 35 countries. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, ICEsoft is on the Web at

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