January 8th, 2007

ICEsoft Joins BEA Partner Program As a Select Software Partner

ICEfaces™ Framework Can Help Provide BEA Customers with a Path To Developing and Deploying Large-Scale Ajax-Based Rich Enterprise Web Applications

CALGARY, ALBERTA – ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise Ajax solutions, today announced that it has become a Select Software Partner in the BEA Partner Program. ICEfaces offers features designed to optimize its support for BEA WebLogic Server®, and ICESoft’s project to integrate the ICEfaces package with BEA Workshop™ Studio will help BEA customers to not only develop state-of-the-art rich web applications using these two familiar BEA products, but also to readily deploy those applications to clustered WebLogic application servers.

ICEfaces is a rich Internet technology that is designed to deliver Thin Client Ajax, helping to enable Java developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich web applications using standard Java and JSF (JavaServer Faces) techniques without the need for JavaScript programming. With ICEfaces, application logic can be completely server resident and only incremental user-interface changes need be delivered to the browser using a lightweight Ajax bridge.

Another important feature of ICEfaces is its support for Ajax Push technology, which can allow presentation changes to be asynchronously pushed from the application server to the browser client. ICEfaces’ Ajax Push technology can help enable a new breed of rich enterprise applications that are designed to provide instant feedback to application users when server-side application events occur.

“ICEfaces’ server-side integration can help support the rapid development and deployment of a new breed of rich applications,” said Bill Roth, Vice President for BEA Workshop. “When the integration project is complete, it will provide a new way for users of BEA Workshop Studio and BEA WebLogic Server to quickly create and deploy rich enterprise Web applications using the same BEA products they already know,—thereby potentially dramatically shortening the learning curve.”

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is an increasingly popular technique for developing interactive, Web-based applications that require no applets or proprietary browser plug-ins to operate. Especially valuable for web pages delivering interactive content such as forms or real-time data, Ajax offers advantages that are designed to make it easier and more efficient for users to interact with web-based applications.

Voted “Best Commercial Eclipse – based tool” by Eclipse Foundation, BEA Workshop Studio is designed to offer unparalleled support for the development of sophisticated web applications based on Java Server Faces. ICEfaces can help simplify this process by offering an integration that designed to support the development, testing, and deployment of ICEfaces-enabled rich web applications using BEA Workshop Studio’s IDE tool. This can help enable users to design, develop and debug ICEfaces JSF applications using all of BEA Workshop Studio’s AppXRay capabilities: code completion, error checking, validation, and consistency checking as well as its advanced JSP editing.

At deployment time, ICEfaces can help provide significant advantages via its out-of-the-box support for BEA WebLogic Server, including support for clustered server deployments for industrial-strength application scalability and fail-over. ICEfaces can perform asynchronous Ajax Push operations across multiple server nodes in a cluster, providing a robust solution for rich enterprise applications with large-scale deployment requirements. Configuring ICEfaces can be a snap, thanks to its complete documentation for clustered deployments of ICEfaces applications to BEA WebLogic servers.

“ICEfaces has become one of the frameworks of choice for enterprise Java developers looking to create a new generation of rich and responsive Ajax-based applications,” said Ken Fyten, Product Manager for ICEsoft. “It’s clearly a leader with exclusive support for Thin-Client Ajax, Ajax Push, and JavaScript-free development. We think users of BEA Workshop Studio and BEA WebLogic Server will find ICEfaces to be an ideal solution for rapid adoption, development, and deployment of large-scale rich enterprise applications. With ICEfaces, developers can fully leverage their existing Eclipse-based BEA tools, infrastructure, and expertise to rapidly develop a new generation of rich and responsive enterprise applications.”

BEA’s ICEfaces partner catalog entry can be found by clicking here. For a full listing of ICEfaces technology partners, log on to www.icesoft.org/about/partners.jsf.
Download a free 30 day evaluation of BEA Workshop Studio online at http://workshopstudio.bea.com/download.do

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About ICEsoft Technologies:

ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., is the leading provider of standards-compliant, Ajax-based solutions for developing and deploying Java EE, rich Internet applications. The company’s portfolio of enterprise level Java products includes ICEfaces, an Ajax application framework that enables Java EE application developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich web applications in pure Java. Visit www.icesoft.org.

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